An infamous space pirate, Nebula has proven herself to be one of the most dangerous individuals in the galaxy. Though initially insisting Thanos was her grandfather, Nebula was actually raised by the Mad Titan, alongside his favored adopted daughter Gamora.

Nebula uses her rage to steal property and power, but still harbors dreams of vengeance towards her makeshift father and sister.

Raised to Kill

Though Nebula has claimed to be both Thanos? granddaughter and Zorr?s daughter, her actual lineage is shrouded in mystery. Thoughts transmitted from her to the Xandarian Firelord offered a look at a childhood filled with abusive male figures. Thanos got a hold of her and abused her further, pitting her against her adopted sister Gamora, as they both grew up under his tyrannical tutelage.

She eventually became a space pirate who took on the Avengers, the Skrulls, the Xandarians, Firelord, Silver Surfer, Ronan, and Thanos.

Nebula in Ship

Fighting Machine

Throughout her career as a space pirate, Nebula utilizes various forms of image manipulation, which may explain why she has become less mechanical in appearance as she embraces her metal parts. These enhancements give her additional strength, speed, and flexibility, but she?s also a skilled fighter, strategist, and master of most weapons, including her wrist-blasters. Over the years, Nebula has achieved god-like powers upon harnessing the Infinity Union and later the Infinity Gauntlet.

Nebula swearing

Trust No One

Nebula sees just about everyone in the galaxy as a threat. That starts with the men who mistreat her as a child and carries on through her dysfunctional ?family? of Thanos and Gamora.

After becoming a space pirate captain, she makes enemies of the Avengers, Spider-Man, Firelord, Silver Surfer, and anyone who tries to stop her when she takes control of the Infinity Gauntlet.

More recently, she targets Thanos and his son Thane to stop both of them from destroying existence.

Nebula fighting with Thanos

The Enemy of My Enemy is My Friend

Though she could have united with Gamora against Thanos, Nebula never does.

Later she builds a chosen family out of her pirate crews, though she only shows any true loyalty to devoted members like Gunthar and Geatar. For a brief time, she seems to make peace with Gamora, and even works with her group, the Graces.

Nebula joins forces with Starfox, Tryco, and Thane to kill Thanos. When Thane proves a traitor, they bring Thanos in to stop the Phoenix-powered Thane.

Nebula threatening Starfox

A Galactic Antagonist

As a youth, Nebula grew up in a torturous environment created by Thanos. Having the Mad Titan as a parental figure would have been bad enough, but she was also constantly compared to her surrogate sister Gamora. Thanos openly favored Gamora, which drove Nebula mad with jealous rage. Gamora wished they?d had a closer relationship.

Nebula prodded her pseudo-sister into risking her life trying to kill the last Badoon, which did not please their father. When Gamora succeeded in escaping the planet on the edge of a black hole, Nebula tried blowing up the ship. Instead of retaliating, Gamora tried appealing to Nebula by asking to form a partnership. Nebula denied the overture, which forced Gamora and her crew to attack, paralyzing not just her ship, but her cybernetic implants.

Years later, Nebula killed countless Xandarians before running afoul of the Earth?s Mightiest Heroes during her attempt to take over the remaining Skrull Empire. At that point, Galactus had just devoured the Skrull home world, leaving the race devastated. Nebula, then captaining the Sanctuary II, met Monica Rambeau, who was going by the name Captain Marvel.

During a test of Monica?s skills, she made her way onto a Skrull ship to call the Avengers for help. Soon they showed up with some back-up thanks to Firelord and the Beyonder. The Beyonder zapped Nebula out of her own ship after she claimed to be the grand-daughter of Thanos.

Starfox, Thanos? brother, served with the Avengers when Nebula claimed to be part of his own family. After that, he searched the cosmos to find his supposed grandniece. He snuck aboard her ship just before she traveled to Earth in order to steal Dr. Harker?s atomic compressor unit. Nebula sought to use the energy it produced to make herself absolute ruler of the universe. Instead, a demonstration of its capabilities created a pocket reality that only included the lab, which happened to house Avengers Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, Sersei, and Spider-Man.

This led directly into a major battle with the heroes before they figured out how to return the lab to reality. Nebula used the confusion of re-entry to teleport herself back to her ship. Eventually Starfox knocked her out with one of his love powers just before the Avengers showed up. When Spider-Man found the atomic compressor unit, he set off an explosion that transferred the Infinity Union?s powers to Nebula, giving her god-like powers.

The Avengers immediately began battling Nebula. Meanwhile, the Stranger questioned her second-in-command Gunthar and learned that they?d figured out the Infinity Union?s specific wavelengths and implanted a matching receiver in Nebula?s head. With this information, Sersei pulled out the implant and sealed the wound. Instead of serving time, Gunthar teleported himself and Nebula away to an escape ship.

Sersi tending to Nebula's wound

Nebula later found herself captaining another pirate ship, this one called Sanctuary III. She did not retain control for long, as Thanos appeared on the bridge and chastised her for claiming him as a relative. He attacked her before retaking the ship for his quest to find the Infinity Gems. Meanwhile, Nebula straddled life and death.

Once Thanos acquired all of the Infinity Stones along with the Gauntlet, he demonstrated his complete control over reality by making Nebula appear as a zombie to impress Death. Intended as a tribute to his lady, Nebula turned out to be Thanos? downfall as her hatred for the Mad Titan drove her to steal the Gauntlet right off of Thanos? hand.

Wielding the power of the Infinity Stones herself, Nebula turned back the clocks to restore all of the people Thanos killed. She then fended off Thanos, heroes from Earth and the Cosmos, and the Cosmic Entities. The heroes and the Mad Titan managed to get the Gauntlet from Nebula and into the protection of Adam Warlock.

Nebula with Infinity Gems

After a trial, Nebula was locked up in a prison on Titan that contained some of the galaxy?s worst criminals. While there, Firelord appeared to take her to task for killing many on his homeworld Xandar. Starfox transmitted Nebula?s pre-Thanos memories of abuse at the hands of a father figure to Firelord in an effort to save both them. Eros of Titan later used his powers to soothe Nebula?s mental anguish.

Nebula did not remain imprisoned for long. The Titans made the mistake of reviving one of her underlings, Geatar, and turning him into Nebula?s nurse. He took advantage of his situation and sprung her from her cell. Geatar took her to Dr. Mandibus, who repaired Nebula with a series of cybernetic and bionic implants.

Nebula and Geatar then traveled to a prison planet called Annoval 14, also known as the Anvil, to free her crew. Silver Surfer and Jack of Hearts also happened upon the same planet in search of Torval, who could build a containment suit for Jack?s destructive energy. When the plan went sideways, Nebula saved the injured Geatar, got in her ship, and sacrificed her old crew members to escape.

Years later, Nebula found herself in the wrong space bar at the wrong time. Silver Surfer and Captain Marvel showed up with no knowledge of her presence. They soon discovered her, and she wound up incarcerated with her body armor deconstructed by the Surfer. Nebula later broke out and caused some trouble for Rich Rider on Earth, claiming to be the daughter of an intergalactic mass murderer known as Zorr.

Nebula next appeared during Ronan?s search for retribution after being cast out by his people. In the days before the Annihilation Wave hit, she spent her days on Godthab Omega as one of Gamora?s Graces along with Stellaris, Tana Nile, Cerise, and Spirit. When Ronan arrived in search of Tana Nile, Nebula and Stellaris attacked the former Accuser. For her efforts, Nebula was thrown into the stratosphere before crashing back to Earth. As Ronan and Gamora battled, the Wave hit and chaos erupted.

Nebula survived and went on to attack the Guardians of the Galaxy while on their way to Earth, sending them crashing below and into a team-up with the Avengers. On that mission, she worked with the Chitauri, defeated the heroes, and took off with Gamora. Nebula delivered her prey to Kindun, but the combined might of the Avengers and Guardians followed quickly. Gamora was rescued and the heroes escaped as the planet?which Kindun claimed to control?collapsed.

Nebula?s returned to her pirate ways brought her into direct contact with Starfox, Tryco Slatterus, and Thane as they figured out a way to kill the dying Thanos. They had no idea that Thane had fallen under Death?s thrall and that he planned on using them to break the Phoenix Egg out from Terrax?s prison. In retaliation, Nebula killed Thanos? son, but that allowed the Phoenix to become reborn in him.


Thane then attacked Thanos and made him more human, setting himself up as a king. Understanding the threat Thane now posed to the entire cosmos, Starfox, Tryco, and Nebula sought out Thanos to join them, but did not know his powers were gone. They begrudgingly agreed to take Thanos to regain some of his power by visiting the mysterious Witches of Infinity residing in the God Quarry, where gods were made or broken. While Thanos and Starfox sought the Cosmic Coven, she and Tryco entertained themselves on her ship until Thane appeared.

Nebula and Tryco crashed on a nearby planet and were confronted by Thane, who sought his father. Soon, Thanos appeared, repowered and ready to end his son. As the Titans fought, Nebula and Tryco put on space suits and flew into the atmosphere as the battle tore the planet apart.

They all wound up in the God Quarry where the Witches of Infinity removed the Phoenix Force from Thane as Nebula, Tryco and Starfox watched Thanos easily defeat his son. As their prey-turned-companion left, Nebula, Tryco, and Starfox found themselves wondering what their next move would be.

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