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Ellie Phimister was a teenage student in Emma Frost's telepathy class in Genosha.

During a tutoring session, Ellie informed Emma Frost of the same nightmares she had 50 times the previous night when everyone in Genosha died. Instantly after she reported this to Miss Frost, Cassandra Nova's Sentinels appeared and wiped out all of Genosha. Emma Frost, who survived the attack thanks to her secondary mutation, carried Ellie's dead body and said that she will be a credit to her family and the mutant race. Emma then ordered members of the rescue team to bring the girl back to life, but they stated that she had been dead for hours.

Recently, Ellie Phimister appeared to be alive and part of the Hellfire Club's new Inner Circle. However, it was revealed that the new Inner Circle was only projections from Emma Frost's mind due to extreme survivor's guilt. Recently, the true Ellie was revived with an alien techno organic virus, only to be sacrificed to Selene.




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