Superheroics are a painful, injury-laden activity, and that’s where Linda Carter comes in! As Night Nurse, she specializes in the unique contusions, broken bones, blunt-force traumas, and other injuries associated with the vigilante life.

If you wear a costume, defend the innocent from the forces of evil, and get beat up doing so, the Night Nurse is who you’ll want to see.

Night Nurse calling in a patient from the waiting room

Linda Carter, Student Nurse

Linda is a doctor’s daughter who moved to New York City to become a nurse, and initially lived with two roommates: Georgia Jenkins and Christine Palmer. Her place of employment is Metro General, a drama-filled hospital where incompetent doctors work and hitmen sneak in to injure patients.

After her life was saved by a costumed hero, Carter dedicated her life to helping them. Per her talents, she opened up a secret medical facility called Night Medical Center, where Super Heroes could get off-the-books medical treatment.

Linda treating Spider-Man

The Room on the Right

Although Linda has no powers of her own, she is a highly trained and certified nurse. After working at Metro General, she has made it her life’s mission to treat heroic vigilantes in New York City, off the books. Linda is adept at patching up Super Heroes, getting them back on their feet, and out the door to battle evil again.

Linda treating a patient at her off the books clinic

Linda doesn’t take money from heroes to operate her clinic, as she doesn’t need it. She sees it as performing a public service and keeping heroes healthy and safe.

Bad Medicine

While she has no direct foes, Linda Carter and Elektra Natchios are, initially, not big fans of each other, as the ninja assassin overrides Night Nurse's treatment and saves Matt Murdock AKA Daredevil via mystical means. However, because the Elektra who did that may have been a shape-shifting Skrull invader, though, the two of them are able to reconcile later when the real deal comes to Linda for treatment.

They’re Covered

Linda Carter has a close relationship with master of the mystical arts, Doctor Stephen Strange. She once assists him in finding a supernatural cure for the cancer afflicting Wong, Strange’s partner and close friend. Linda and Stephen even pursue a short-lived relationship after that, bonding over Strange’s grief over not being able to cure the whole world.

Linda and Doctor Strange kiss

Linda is also closely associated with Daredevil, having saved his life after a brutal fight with the Yakuza. She also assists Iron Fist and Luke Cage on occasion, along with many other Super Heroes.




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Night Moves

A hundred and seven Yakuza, led by Sano Orii, armed with swords, guns and bats, some of whom were taking Mutant Growth Hormone, ambushed Daredevil. Though he was able to take them down, he nearly died doing so. When word got to DD’s friend, newspaper reporter Ben Urich, he was able to track down Matt Murdock to a place called Night Medical Center in Chinatown, on the waterfront.

Arriving late at night to this makeshift clinic, Ben was met at the front desk by Linda Carter, who at first, denied that anyone was there, but eventually let Urich in to see Matt, who was still critically injured.

Ben then discovered the existence of Carter’s clinic and her mission to treat good people in costume who get banged up in the course of their actions, no questions asked. She had been doing this for years. It’s rumored that she had once been saved by a Super Hero, which led her to open this operation.

Later, Elektra—possibly impersonated by a Skrull—carried a nearly-dead Daredevil back to Night Medical Center, after the Man Without Fear was shot by a sniper rifle wielded by Paladin.

Elektra brings Daredevil to see the Night Nurse

Kingpin, who by then was working for the feds, compelled Ben to give up the location of Linda’s clinic.

Elektra was followed to the clinic by the Black Widow—with Daredevil’s then-wife Milla in tow—but a group of Hand ninjas arrived soon after. Elektra had called them for a little mystic assistance to save Daredevil’s life. To make matters worse, the FBI, tipped off about the location, surrounded it with dozens of agents.

Elektra sent the ninjas after the FBI, and the arriving Iron Fist and Luke Cage joined the fray. Things descended into chaos, until Matt appeared at the clinic door, imploring everyone to stand down—at which point the FBI arrested him.

Still later, during the Skrull invasion of Earth, Elektra had been captured and tortured by the aliens for months, Escaping, she made it to Matt’s law office before collapsing. Foggy Nelson took her to Night Nurse’s clinic once again. Linda treated Elektra briefly, until a pair of H.A.M.M.E.R. agents, Nico and Carmine, attacked the assassin. Barely fending them off, Elektra urged Linda to run.

During the Civil War between the Super Heroes, Linda sided with Captain America’s anti-registration side, helping the faction from a S.H.I.E.L.D. safehouse and even attending Cap’s wake, when it was thought he had died.

After that, Linda saved Doctor Stephen Strange’s life after he had been shot by Hitler’s Handgun. The two of them learned of an elixir that could cure any illness known to man, including cancer, and went on a quest to retrieve it, to safe the life of Strange’s best friend and partner Wong. During the course of retrieving the cure, Linda’s clinic burned down. Though they recovered the elixir, there was only enough for one dose, which they gave to Wong. Linda and Stephen then began a short-lived partnership and romantic relationship, but they broke it off soon afterward.

Linda and Doctor Strange Embrace

Rebuilding her clinic, Linda has treated a succession of heroes, including Luke Cage, Firestar, Nomad, Spider-Man and Iron Fist. It’s a safe bet that wherever heroes need lifesaving treatment, Night Nurse will answer the call.

Linda treats Luke Cage with Jessica Jones by his side
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