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Not much is known about the early life of the Healey brothers, Elton and Alvin. Presumably, the criminal Ringleader contacted the pair after seeing their incredible skill in juggling and persuaded them to help form the Death-Throws. Elton took the name Oddball, due partly to his loony nature and bizarre patter, while Alvin became Tenpin.

Oddball briefly broke company with the Death-Throws to have a career as a super villain outside the group setting-- finding employ with the villainous cyborg Crossfire. There, he and demolitions expert Bombshell were assigned to capture the Hawkeye and Mockingbird to use in a subversive plan to rid New York of its superhuman crime fighters. The heroes defeated their opponents, who were bailed out by Tenpin. Oddball taught Bombshell the art of jugglery in order to win her affections, and she Bombshell became so accomplished so quickly that she was invited to join the Death-Throws as well. Oddball served with the Death-Throws on their subsequent outings, clashing with Hawkeye and Captain America. They also attempted, with numerous other villains, to collect a bounty on Hawkeye’s arm, but Hawkeye escaped.

He also continued to break away from his team at various times to pursue individual crimes. One such interest led Oddball to join with Doctor Octopus' incarnation of the Masters of Evil, which was promptly defeated by the Guardians of the Galaxy. His final outing was also quite deadly. He participated in the Bloodsport tournament recently held by the Viper on Madripoor. He was paired for competition with the Headhunter, who defeated Oddball with one fell stroke, killing him.




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