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November 15's New Marvel Comics: The Full List

Meet the dinosaur Doctor Doom, take a walk in Deadpool's boots, fend off Orchis with the X-Men, and more in this week's Marvel Comics!


Marvel Heroes Ring in the New Year in Stormbreakers Variant Covers

Check out the December collection of Marvel's Stormbreakers Variant Covers featuring iconic characters celebrating the New Year.


Everything You Need to Know for 'Superior Spider-Man Returns'

Ahead of 'Superior Spider-Man' #1, revisit the era where Otto Octavius, AKA Doctor Octopus, took over Peter Parker's body and became the Superior Spider-Man.


October 11's New Marvel Comics: The Full List

Return to the era of Superior Spider-Man, save the Kree homeworld alongside Captain Marvel, and more in this week's comics!


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