The Omegex was born within the Red Hole of Dargalla after enough energy was absorbed to give the creature life. It was designed by the Kryihd to exterminate their hated enemies, the Dargallans, and then be destroyed after its mission was completed. The Dargallans altered the Red Hole, ensuring once the Omegex returned to it the process would begin again. Eventually a new Omegex was born, and the Kryihd felt its wrath. Having destroyed both races the Omegex would select random targets and annihilated several species until such a time the Watchers chose to break their vow of non-interference and move the Red Hole of Dargalla outside the galaxies where it would take much longer to gather the energy needed to create the Omegex, but it was a process that could only be slowed and not halted. Possibly sensing the Omegex was about to return, Uatu the Watcher abandoned his post on Earth and traveled to the Red Hole to witness its birth. Once the Omegex came forth it detected an energy signature on Uatu from when he came into physical contact with the Red Hulk. The Omegex found its next target and immediately left the Red Hole, headed for Earth. It was briefly delayed when the Norrak attacked, but it exterminated the remainder of their species before continuing on its way.









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