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Who Is Galactus? The Official Marvel Guide


Who Is Galactus? The Official Marvel Guide

What do you know about the Devourer of Worlds? Read on to find out everything you’ve ever wondered about Galactus!

Nick Fury Jr. by Scot Eaton and Cam Smith


‘Fury’ #1 Special First Look Celebrates the 60th Anniversary of Marvel’s Iconic Super-Spy

Get your first look at ‘Fury’ #1 by Al Ewing and a roster of superstar artists, out next month.

The Super Hero's Journey

Culture & Lifestyle

'THE SUPER HERO’S JOURNEY' by Acclaimed Cartoonist Patrick McDonnell coming September 26, 2023

The publication is the latest addition in the bestselling Marvel Arts series, a collaboration between Marvel Comics and Abrams ComicArts

New to MU_June Card Image


What's Coming to Marvel Unlimited This June

Clea steps up as the new Sorcerer Supreme, a throwback to Wolverine’s Madripoor days, and a “back to the beginning” series starring Eddie Brock’s Venom.