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Much of what is known about the cosmic entity known as Origin was supplied by her nemesis, the equally mysterious Unbeing, a servant of the abstract entities Death and Oblivion. According to the Unbeing’s account he and Origin have existed almost as long as the universe has held intelligent life. Origin and the Unbeing spent the last 5,000 years opposing each other on Earth, waging a battle undetected by humanity. To oppose the Unbeing, Origin eventually designed super-heroes by causing normal humans to receive unusual abilities. Origin is allegedly responsible for empowering every superhuman on Earth, from mutants to mutates, and for causing an unusual amount of extraterrestrial and extradimensional creatures to visit the Earth. In later years, Origin began creating more and more mutants because they did not require complex origins, receiving their powers while still in the womb.

In recent years, Origin had assumed the mortal guise of Phyllis Twombly, an elderly women living in a rest home in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. The Unbeing had assume the guise of the ten-year old “Billy Betelheim”, in which form claimed to be Twombly’s grandson. He began slowly removing her super-heroes from existence, transforming them back into normal humans. After removing the super-hero Quasar’s identity, the Unbeing approached him as Billy and claimed to be Origin, attempting to trick Quasar into murdering the real Origin. The Unbeing brought Quasar to Origin and restored his heroic identity so that he could kill her, but Quasar correctly guessed that he had been deceived, and killed the Unbeing instead. The Unbeing was forced to incarnate itself in a new mortal form, which would render it powerless for years. Origin did not have much longer to live as Phyllis Twombly, but rewarded Quasar for his help by retroactively changing his costume into a new design; this later enabled Quasar to defeat Oblivion’s avatar Maelstrom assumed the mantle of the cosmic entity Anomaly, Quasar revealed that he himself was an anomaly due to the retroactively changed costume, and this overcame Maelstrom.

After Origin’s existence as Phyllis Twombly ended, it was reborn in space as a giant extraterrestrial fetus. The fetus was attacked by the devouring Soul Eater, but was saved by Quasar, and its injuries were tended to by the Caregiver, one of the Elders of the Universe. Later, when Quasar was temporarily slain by the Ultimate Nullifier, Origin willed his Quantum-Bands to her side. When Quasar returned to life, he traced the bands to Origin and was surprised to learn that the fetus was the same entity he had met before. Origin returned the bands to him, and promised that they would meet again.


(Current form) 50’


(Current form) Unrevealed


(Current form) Black


(Current form) None

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