Who Is Eternity?

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Oblivion, Infinity, Eternity, and Death are the cornerstones of their universe, abstract embodiments of the extremes of time and space. Oblivion embodies the absences of space, and is considered to stand opposite Infinity on the spatial axis. Oblivion lacks physical form, shape or substance, though he does possess chronal dimension. He claims to proceed the existence of the multiverse and says he will still exist when it no longer does; he claims that all that is within space comes from him and will return to him. Oblivion has stated that Death was his child, but sometimes refers to her as his sister; the actual relationships between the various cosmic abstracts entities are likely beyond mankind's ability to comprehend, and there is no way to evaluate their claims. Oblivion resides in the Outer Void, a corner of the multiverse where little to no space exist.

Oblivion occasionally gives shape and substance to parts of itself. One such "child" was Mirage, who rebelled against Oblivion and fled into portions of the multiverse with greater space and time than Oblivion's outer void home, and came to Earth under the assumed name of Marge. Oblivion created other children (the Idiot, Kali, and White Light) which he sent after Mirage but she defeated them, allying herself with the human Iceman. In doing so Mirage fled across time and Iceman followed, however, Oblivion claimed him and pulled him to the edges of the Outer Void later Kali killed Iceman's father in the past, before Iceman had been born (actually creating a divergent timeline in which Iceman had never been born). Oblivion there demanded that Iceman convinced Mirage to return to him, and when Mirage finally did, she willingly reemerged into her "father."

When Oblivion sensed the half-Inhuman, half-Deviant Maelstrom's potential to upset the balances of his universe, he sent Deathurge to serve (and observe) Maelstrom. After Maelstrom slew the abstract Anomaly and assumed that universal role, he sought out Oblivion and asked him for the secret of cosmic awareness; Oblivion sent him to slay Eon and take that knowledge. Maelstrom plotted to destroy the universe in its entirety by disrupting a black hole at its center, and to then use his position as Anomaly to usurp Oblivion's role. Oblivion sent Deathurge to Earth to distract its protectors and willing allowed Maelstrom to act as its avatar in this plot, but Oblivion's spatial opposite, Infinity, briefly empowered Quasar as her own avatar and Maelstrom was defeated. Death, Eternity, Infinity, and Oblivion met to address the issue, and Oblivion absorbed Maelstorm into his being for safe keeping.

Oblivion has interacted repeatedly with humanity in recent years, notably when he sent Deathurge to help Quasar activate the Ultimate Nullifier, and again when he sent Kid Reaper to urge Quasar towards accepting oblivion. When Death was forsworn against ever claiming the Elders of the Universe, Oblivion assumed her form to claim the Astronomer, Possessor, and Trader. He has joined in some of the Eternity-called "Cosmic Congress," including one regarding the threat of Edifice Rex, but Oblivion generally declines to attend these. When Maelstrom recently escaped the his realm, Oblivion sent Deathurge to prepare opposition for Malestrom; Deathurge small failures left him banished from the Void and trapped in an inferior spatial form as punishment while Oblivion empowered the Great Lakes Avengers' Doorman to serve as his new observer on Earth.









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