As one of the four cornerstones of the universe and Lord of the Outer Void, Oblivion embodies the absence of space, the void from which everything springs.


G.O.D.S: Oblivion character design by Valerio Schiti


Meet Oblivion, the Cosmic Entity Obsessed with Destroying Reality

Who is Oblivion? Meet the cosmic entity whose ultimate goal is the end of all life and matter in the Multiverse.

G.O.D.S.: In-Betweener character design sheet by Valerio Schiti


Jonathan Hickman & Valerio Schiti Revolutionize the Cosmic Beings of the Marvel Universe in 'G.O.D.S.'

Check out a new design for the In-Betweener, the first of many new cosmic entity designs that will debut in Jonathan Hickman and Valerio Schiti's 'G.O.D.S.' this October.

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The cosmic entity called Oblivion resides over the Outer Void as the embodiment of all that does not exist and manipulates events on Earth for its own inscrutable purposes.


That Which is Not

A cosmic entity the likes of Oblivion cannot truly be said to have a beginning or an end, but some time before the current universe was born it comes into being as an embodiment of non-existence and takes up residence in the Outer Void. Oblivion shares a kind of kinship with three other major cornerstones of the universe, namely Eternity, Death, and its exact opposite force, Infinity.


Cosmic Quantification

Oblivion’s powers may only be quantified on a scale far beyond mortal comprehension, just as with its brethren. This includes a high degree of omniscience and most likely immortality, or at least an existence which cannot be brought to an end by any known means. In addition, Oblivion seems to maintain dominance and control over the souls of those whose lives end in extra-normal ways, such as through time-travel of cosmic paradox. Strangely, it has also manifested some power over the more common sprits of the dead, though that dominion overlaps with Oblivion’s “sibling” Death.

In terms of personality, like other the higher beings Oblivion has manifested such mortal emotions as pride, guile, possessiveness, and anger. It also maintains no actual physical form, though it has on occasion created solid “offspring” to do its bidding on the plane of the living.


Beyond Relationships

It remains of the utmost difficulty to define Oblivion’s interactions with lesser lifeforms as actual relationships, especially in terms of family, friends, and enemies. If it can be said to possess a family, then the closest beings to represent the concept would be Eternity, Death, and Infinity, all of whom seem to have come into existence at the same time.

Of its siblings, Death appears to hold a place of some annoyance to Oblivion, as it has attempted to supplant the personification of the end of life on more than one occasion or otherwise, causing Death trouble in its duties.

Oblivion has created “children” of a sort, namely Mirage, but beyond that connection little or no love exists between it and its offspring. In addition, it has also named avatars to represent it on the mortal plane, such as Deathurge. The half-Inhuman, half-Deviant known as Maelstrom may stand as a true enemy to Oblivion, if such a thing can be quantified as such.


Into and Out of the Void

The first real recorded instance of Oblivion interacting with humans arrived when Mirage, an entity created by Oblivion as an offspring, rebelled against her “father” and came to Earth to adopt a human form. More such offspring, the Idiot, Kali, and White Light, were sent to bring her back to the Outer Void, but the mutant Bobby Drake, AKA Iceman, interjected himself into the action and eventually aided Oblivion in convincing Mirage to return to her maker.

Oblivion commanded its herald Deathurge to approach the powerful Maelstrom to ostensibly serve him, but also to act as Oblivion’s spy. Maelstrom usurped the entity Anomaly’s position to uncover the secrets of cosmic awareness, but when he attempted to usurp Oblivion’s role he came into conflict with the space champion Wendell Vaughn, AKA Quasar, acting as Infinity’s avatar. In the end, a “family conference” between the four “siblings” Oblivion, Eternity, Infinity, and Death brought about Maelstrom’s assimilation into the whole of Oblivion.

More interactions with Quasar ensued for Oblivion, as well as short periods of time when it posed as Death itself and reluctantly sat on a “Cosmic Congress” of higher beings. Maelstrom made his escape from Oblivion, an event which led to Oblivion replacing Deathurge with the human Super Hero DeMarr Davis, AKA Doorman, a member of the Great Lakes Avengers.

More recently, Oblivion set events in motion to transform the latest Quasar, Phyla-Vell, into a new avatar of Death and use her in the War of Kings. It also revealed the Chaos King as another aspect or offspring of itself.









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