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Almost as soon as Otis was hired on to be the receptionist at Nightwing Restorations, he was unlucky enough to meet the titanic Orka. Being away from the sea had caused Orka's stress level to rise to monumental proportions, and when Otis didn't answer the simple question where his bosses, Misty Knight and Collen wing, were, Orka began pummeling Otis throughout the office. The giant couldn't understand why Otis wouldn't die – or even be hurt – and that's when he was told of Otis' life altering accident while he was a temp for A.I.M.. Realizing what he was doing was an exercise in futility; Orka stopped hitting Otis and waited patiently for Misty and Colleen to return. Later, he and Otis went out for drinks.

During an investigation into the dealings of Ricadonna, after the murders of Freezer Burn and 8-Ball, Otis was asked to pose as the parking attendant at an auction she was having for several terrorist organizations around the globe for a microchip designed to cripple world finances and defense systems. Otis did his job amicably, but it wasn't until Ricadonna tried to escape that he would really be of help. He managed to stall her and her bodyguards from leaving until Misty and Iron Fist could catch up and contain them for the authorities.

When Tony Stark asked Misty and Colleen to round up individuals refusing to comply with the Civil War|Superhuman Registration Act, they reformed Heroes for Hire, and Otis went along for the ride. When Ricadonna planned a prison break, she hired someone to deliver a very special package to their headquarters which contained a powerful explosive device. No one but Otis was available, but the bomb was detonated anyway. Otis was still in one piece, but he was worried about losing his job. However, when the Heroes for Hire were hired for a job to take on some techno-thugs, Otis went undercover as the pizza delivery guy, but all he was delivering was a box full of smoke screen, allowing the team to gain the advantage of surprise. The information they got led them to the Grim Reaper and his band of terrorists. While the girls dealt with that situation, Otis went with Orka and Shang-Chi to save Humbug from his ordeal with the Headmen. The conflict ended in Orka's death, but the Headmen were beaten and taken to jail. After that, the Heroes for Hire went to the Savage Land in search of Moon Boy and Devil Dinosaur while Otis stayed behind. Once they returned, the Hulk had waged war in Manhattan, and the Heroes found themselves in the middle of a bug war ending with, betrayal and death. The Heroes for Hire were no more, and Otis was out of a job.









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