Panida-Mania is a costumed criminal with a penchant for grand larceny.



With superhuman strength, Panda-Mania uses her ability to become a costumed criminal and steals anything from antiques and money to diamonds.


Mysterious Beginnings

Not much is known about Panda-Mania’s origin, but what is known is that she’s tapped to join Dr. Lorina Dodson, AKA White Rabbit’s team of thieves and criminals.


Sticky Fingers and Superhuman Strength

While a keen thief, Pandia-Mania also possesses superhuman strength, which allows her to lift a vehicle above her head.



Peter Parker, AKA Spider-Man, is a pain in Panda-Maina’s side. He’s often interrupting her successful heists with her allies.

Sergei Kravinoff, AKA Kraven the Hunter, is one of Panda-Mania’s enemies though she never interacts with him. Instead, his goons kidnap her and place her into his grisly hunt.


Thick as Thieves

Panda-Mania joins White Rabbit’s team dubbed “The Menagerie” which is comprised of animal-themed thieves, such as Mrs. Fluffy Lumpkins, AKA Hippo, and Sybil Dvorak, AKA Skein (the latter of which is formerly known as Gypsy Moth).


A History of Heists

Joining Panda-Mania hopped on board with White Rabbit’s team, The Menagerie, to assist their boss in an auction heist on Easter. On orders from White Rabbit, Panda-Mania used her superhuman strength to block the street with a vehicle. Making their escape with stolen antiques, they didn’t get far when Spider-Man intervened, webbing them all up for the authorities.

Somehow on the streets again, Panda-Mania rejoined The Menagerie and they successfully stole several bags of diamonds. They would have gotten away with it until Spider-Man stopped them yet again.

When Kraven the Hunter gathered all the animal-themed criminals in his Great Hunt, Panda-Mania was one of them. She was soon hunted by Kraven’s remotely-controlled automatons. White Rabbit yelled at everyone to run and they all attempted to flee. She joined Adrian Toomes, AKA Vulture’s crew in an attempt to defeat the automatons but fell to ground as there were just too many to contend with, however, the automatons also suddenly fell to the ground, and Panda-Mania along with the rest of the hunted were free.

Panda-Mania joined The Menagerie team again at the inaugural G.I.R.L. Expo where they attempted to steal everyone’s money and jewelry. Panda-Mania fights with the synthezoid Viv Vision. Though it remained merely a brawl.

Captured along with several other super-powered criminals, Panda-Mania was taken to an all-new state of the art facility, the rebuilt Ravencroft Institute for the criminally insane. However, when the institute became overrun by vampiric creatures called the Unwanted, Pandia-Mania, alongside all the other prisoners, made her escape.



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