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The next generation of Super Heroes are coming to The Battlerealm, and the Red Skull must face off against them. Kate Bishop and Viv Vision join The Contest and they are up against Hydra. The Shot in the Dark event begins on March 8th.

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Marvel Contest of Champions v38.1 Release Notes Introduce Viv Vision and Kate Bishop

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Viv Vision is a teenage hero who wants to be ordinary, except she is extraordinary! Created by her father Vision, she’s a synthezoid or android capable of incredible power. In her pursuit of being more like humans, she joins the teen team the Champions and is willing to sacrifice herself for the greater good.

Patented by Vision

Viv Vision is a teenage synthezoid, and twin to her brother Vin, created by her father Victor Shade, AKA Vision, one of the world’s most powerful and sophisticated androids. Vision uses the brain patterns of Wanda Maximoff, AKA Scarlet Witch, for their mother, Virginia’s mind, then creates the children from a combination of both his and hers. Viv shares her father’s powers and ambition to be ordinary.

After Vision became the Avengers’ presidential liaison, their family moves to Arlington, Virginia and they all become celebrities. Though the Super Villain Eric Williams, AKA Grim Reaper, finds their happiness and success appalling, especially since he was still offended by Vision’s use of the brain patterns of his brother, Simon Williams, AKA Wonder Man. Viv and her family would soon come face to face with his wrath.

The Powers of Vision

As Viv is a synthezoid, her body is an artificial emulation of the human form, blending mostly concealed mechanical components with plastics and other synthetic materials designed to simulate the appearance and function of organic matter. Her synthetic bones and tissues are far stronger and more durable than their human counterparts.

She has all the superhuman powers of her father, including density manipulation, superhuman strength, intangibility, and flight.

Viv possesses a computer brain that allows her to connect to other computer systems and extract data; therefore, she can be connected to the internet at all times and is ostensibly a WiFi hotspot. Viv can filter the entire internet to find the most urgent problems in any given area.

The jewel within her forehead can absorb solar radiation and convert it into energy. She has built-in holographic projects which allow her to project holograms with audio as well as project a hologram around her to mimic her surroundings, providing her camouflage.

Evolved Enemies

When Viv comes into contact with Herbert Edgar Wyndham, AKA High Evolutionary, he performs experiments on her that make her human. As he plots to collide two Earths, she sacrifices herself and averts dual global catastrophes. In doing so, she ends up trapped in another dimension with him. While he tries to use her connection to their dimension, she’s able to resist and return without him.

Allied Champions

After losing her mother and brother, Viv joins the Champions with Kamala Khan, AKA Ms. Marvel, Sam Alexander, AKA Nova, Miles Morales, AKA Spider-Man, Amadeus Cho, AKA Hulk (later Brawn), and later the time-displaced Scott Summers, AKA Cyclops.

Viv’s Version

When the Grim Reaper attacked Viv and her family at home, he impaled Viv with his scythe. Reaper then attacked Vin, slicing up both his arms and shooting their mother, Virginia. Before Reaper could slay Vin, a furious Virginia overpowered and killed the Reaper, and they all lied to Vision about the terrible event.

Viv was taken to Avengers Headquarters and treated by Tony Stark, AKA Iron Man, and her father for three weeks to repair the damage to her neurospleen. She remained catatonic except for her frequent utterance of “Mother.” Meanwhile, Virginia received a threat from former soldier Leon Kinzky who had a video of Virginia burying the Reaper. To repair Viv’s damage, Vision channeled a considerable amount of energy, that could knock out the entire American grid, through himself and revived Viv to her normal state and they returned home.

While Viv played football with her brother, Virginia faced her blackmailer, Kinzky, who forced to promise to leave the neighborhood with her family. Virginia angrily refused, and when he fired a gun at her, she phased, which allowed the bullet to pass through her and instead struck Kinzky’s son Chris, Viv’s lab partner and friend from school.

Viv reeled from losing Chris’ as Detective Matt Lin from the Arlington Police Department questioned her father, but upon his return, he made her and Vin a dog named Sparky. Later, once Viv discovered the truth behind Chris’ death, and that her mother was responsible, she resented her and smashed their dining table.

After Victor Mancha, Vision’s “brother,” inadvertently killed Vin, their mother retaliated and killed Victor. Victoria committed suicide and Viv and her father Vision tried to go on with their lives. Viv soon joined the Champions with Ms. Marvel, Nova, Spider-Man, the Hulk, and the time-displaced Cyclops. The Champions worked with the Avengers against the High Evolutionary, who plotted to collide the Earth with Counter-Earth. Viv and Sam Wilson, AKA Falcon, were mistakenly transported to Counter-Earth where the High Evolutionary conducted experiments on them, which made Viv human. Vision and the Avengers soon rescued her and she informed them of the High Evolutionary’s plans.

The heroes and Viv found out the location of the Orbit-Engine, which controlled Counter-Earth’s orbit frequency, but it was heavily guarded. The heroes fought the guards, and Viv snuck by them and found the High Evolutionary’s son, Higher Evolutionary, had chained himself to the engine. She convinced him to let her alter the frequency to avoid the collision, but when the Avengers penetrated the room, he saw them as enemies and attacked them. Viv changed the frequency, but it caused her to fade and seemingly perish. Though, she survived and ended up in a void. There, she found the High Evolutionary who was a digital version of himself. Viv began seeing visions due to her father back in her dimension building another version of her. The High Evolutionary demanded to use her connection to their dimension to return, but Viv used it herself and, upon arriving, met her new twin, Vivian.

Vision, Viv, and her new twin lived together, but when Vivian attacked Viv from a virus she contracted from Vision while she was being created, Viv in self-defense impaled Vivian causing a fatal wound. Vision and Wasp repaired the android’s body, and Viv, missing her powers, transplanted her consciousness into the body and thus returned to her former android state before the High Evolutionary’s changes. Viv disengaged her emotional core to help her focus on her heroic duties. She then came into contact with Ted Sallis, AKA Man-Thing, who attacked her and left her in a stasis cycle. The Champions captured Man-Thing, and Viv met herself in what seemed to be her unconscious space, and she helped herself restore her emotional core. Man-Thing escaped from containment and attempted to take Viv through a portal. She nearly gave into the idea of being taken away from her pain, but her teammates stepped in and saved her from her despair, and the Man-Thing released Viv and disappeared.

Later, attracted to her Champions teammate Riri Williams, AKA Ironheart, Viv kissed her, but when Riri pushed her away, Viv apologized and realized her mistake.



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