The Dark Gods lived on the world of Narcisson when accidentally stumbled upon by the Asgardian, Lonkarr. The dark god, Tserron, attacked Lonkarr shortly after he set foot on their world. Lonkarr proved himself to be the better warrior slaying Tserron. He was attacked by her spouse, Perrikus, but Lonkarr was allowed to escape so that Perrikus could exact his vengeance. Upon learning the location of Lonkarr’s home, Asgard, Perrikus brought war to the home of the gods. The Dark Gods proved to be too much for the Asgardians and were victorious. It was only until the life of Odin, ruler of Asgard, hung in the balance that a young Thor had renewed his father’s vigor by urging him to fight on. Odin and the rest of the gods fought back and eventually defeated the Dark Gods. They were then banished by Odin to the farthest reaches of the universe. Eventually, the Dark Gods, along with Perrikus, returned and exacted their vengeance. They not only ambushed an unsuspecting Asgard and took the city as their own, but mighty Odin himself was made a victim of their cruel methods of torture. Even when his favorite son, Thor, returned to liberate his home and free his people, Perrikus bested him in combat. In the end, Thor returned with an army of his own and drove the Dark Gods back long enough to free Odin, so he could destroy them once and for all, or so he thought.

When Odin had been slain in battle with the fire demon Surtur, his powers were inherited by Thor who became Lord of Asgard. Thor wanted to help the people of Earth by directly involving the Asgardians despite protests from various groups and individuals. Zarrko, the Tomorrow Man allied himself with the American government, and on the hundredth day of Asgard’s presence on earth, he launched his own attack. Pulling the Dark Gods Perrikus and Adva from the time stream, Zarrko promised Perrikus rule of Asgard if he could defeat Thor and put Asgard back where it belonged. Perrikus was happy to oblige, and he began his assault on the Golden Realm by sneaking up on Heimdall and taking him out of the fight. Immediately setting his sights on Thor, Perrikus boasted how he was now stronger than before and almost seemed to have the upper hand, especially when Adva teleported Mjolnir away. It wasn’t until Thor picked up the axe of the Executioner that Perrikus found out just how wrong he was. Thor briefly succumbed to the evil within the axe and cut Perikkus’ arm off above the elbow. Then, threatened with the possibly of death by his own spear, Perrikus gave up the name of the man who orchestrated this attack.

It has yet to be revealed if Perrikus was returned to his proper place in the time stream, or if he will plague the universe once more.









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