Dark Gods



The Dark Gods lived on the world of Narcisson when accidentally stumbled upon by the Asgardian, Lonkarr. The Dark Gods were cruel and would rather rule their followers with an iron fist rather than a mutual respect and understanding. The dark god, Tserron, attacked Lonkarr shortly after he set foot on their world. Lonkarr proved himself to be the better warrior as he slew Tserron, but he was then attacked by her spouse, Perrikus. Lonkarr was allowed to escape so that Perrikus could exact his vengeance. Upon learning the location of Lonkarr's home, Asgard, Perrikus brought war to the home of the gods. The Dark Gods proved to be too much for the Asgardians and were victorious. It was only until the life of Odin, ruler of Asgard, hung in the balance that a young Thor had renewed his father's vigor by urging him to fight on. Odin and the rest of the gods fought back and eventually defeated the Dark Gods. They were then banished by Odin to the farthest reaches of the universe.

Eventually, the Dark Gods found their way back to Asgard and finished what they had started so long ago. They defeated the Asgardians and took Asgard as their own. The Dark Gods also journeyed to Olympus, defeated the Olympians in battle and severed their alliance with Asgard by using the powers of D'Chel, the Deceiver. D'Chel was able to make Zeus think that it was the Asgardians who waged war upon them so he would offer no help to retake Asgard. Thor and Hercules traveled to Olymppus where they were met with nothing but violence and hate. Hercules was the only Olympian that believed Thor and his fellow Asgardians could not be involved in so heinous an act. The two were thrown out of Olympus, but this setback would not dissuade the son of Odin. Along with Hercules, Thor recruited the Destroyer and the newly reprogrammed robot, Replicus, in order to help him wage war against the Dark Gods. On Asgard, in the guise of Jake Olsen, he also freed the Warriors Three while Replicus freed Balder, Sif and Odin. Together, Thor and his allies were able to turn the tide of battle and started to defeat the Dark Gods. This momentous run was temporarily halted, however, when the leader of the Dark Gods, Majeston Zelia, took the life energies inside all of her minions and united them into one monstrous form. This giant monster was powerful enough to destroy Replicus and almost kill the Destroyer. Thor attacked Zelia and managed to bring her to the ground. Before she could renew her attack, Odin grabbed her and purged her of the power that she stole from him while he was her captive. In a blinding flash of light, Zelia and her monster had disappeared. When asked what happened, Odin said that he had dissipated the molecules of the Dark Gods among the solar winds. Odin also claimed that the Dark Gods would never plague them again.

Months later, Narcisson was attacked by Desak. He managed to kill many of the Dark Gods before coming face-to-face with Perrikus. After his defeat, Perrikus escaped with Adva and allied with Zarrko, the Tomorrow Man, attacking Asgard's Rainbow Bridge. Thor drove them off, and any surviving Dark Gods after Desak's assault have yet to be revealed.

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