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The son of Ares, god of war and Nox, goddess of the night (who was posing as Aphrodite at the time), Phobos was the god of fear, and he was the twin sibling to Deimos. Phobos and Deimos were slain by the "Lion of Olympus" Hercules and the Asgardian, Thor. Nox revealed to Doctor Strange that she allied herself with the seven Fear Lords as a means to resurrect her sons, Phobos and Deimos from the netherworld. Her plan came into fruition as she reconstructed her children from an unknown dark-force matter; however, their return was short lived, due to the efforts of Strange and his comrades. Frustrated as a result of her failure, Nox stated that she would be able to resurrect her children at another time. Ares formed a temporary alliance with the Olympians and led an assault on Mikaboshi's netherworld realm of Yomi to rescue his son. During the course of this war, the resurrected Phobos and Deimos were again slain in defense of Olympus; Ares, who viewed them more as Spawn than as sons, did not grieve their deaths.









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