Created in a secret laboratory by scientists working for the Red Skull, Piecemeal was intended to be a weapon the Skull could employ against any superhuman foe. He was built like Frankenstein's Monster, with various parts from human and animal corpses. Piecemeal, however, was also fitted with highly advanced weaponry to complete the creature, but before his mind could be programmed, he escaped the lab when the Hulk attacked it. Piecemeal wandered the jungle for a time and eventually ended up in Scotland.

Piecemeal settled in Loch Ness and terrorized the tourists for a spell until a local innkeeper decided enough was enough. The innkeeper was actually a retired member of the Pantheon who used to go by the name Perseus in his prime. He asked the Pantheon for help, and the Hulk responded when he heard a monster was involved. It didn't take long for Hulk to encounter Piecemeal, and when the two first met, it was hate at first sight. Between the Hulk's strength and Piecemeal's weaponry the two monsters seemed to be evenly matched, but Piecemeal took the upper hand when he startled the Hulk by taking on his appearance. The Hulk was easily overcome by a blow to the back of the head by the villainous Madman.

As Hulk was left to drown in Loch Ness, Piecemeal discovered that Madman was disguised as one of the scientists overseeing his creation. Madman implanted a device to override Piecemeal's programming so he would answer him, and Madman also placed a tracking device inside Piecemeal in order to locate him after his escape from the lab. All Piecemeal wanted to do was live and learn, but his lessons would be cut short once the Hulk freed himself from his deathtrap. Taking on the several different personalities of the Hulk, Piecemeal only served to anger Hulk's current incarnation to the point where Madman had to intervene again. Piecemeals's final undoing was after Madman killed Perseus. Hulk became so enraged that he impaled Piecemeal with Perseus' spear and threw him back in the water. Piecemeal is believed to be dead, but he still may be lurking beneath the waters of Loch Ness since his body was never found.






Red (as Piecemeal); Various (as any other identity he absorbs)


Gray (as Piecemeal); Various (as any other identity he absorbs)

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