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Very little is known about the being Pn'zo, as a matter of fact it is unclear if the name Pn'zo referrers to the being or its race. Pn'zo appears to be an android being of some kind. He was captured by the Shi'ar while attempting to rob a bank; he was imprisoned on the prison world of Kr'kn. After taking control of the mighty Shi'ar, the maniacal autocrat Vulcan sought to create an Imperial Guard of killers that were loyal to him only. He informed the Guardsmen Nightside and Oracle to bring him a list of prisoners imprisoned on Kr'kn. Pn'zo was one of the five beings to be offered freedom from prison by agreeing to serve on the Praetorians Vulcan's personal guard. Pn'zo was joined by ZZZXX who was a member of an unknown symbiote race. The next prisoners to join the Praetorian ranks were; a nameless survivor of the Uncreated invasion of the Shi’ar galaxy and Xenith, a once heroic warrior who now sought to bring vengeance down upon the head of her cousin Kallark for his transgressions upon their people. Last but certainly not least was Hodinn, who once served on the Imperial Guard before Cassandra Nova's reign, although it seems that now it only wants to burn. Their first mission was to kill Vulcan's brother Havok and the Starjammers.









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