The young Strontian girl known as Xenith is the cousin to Kallark the leader of the Shi’ar Imperial Guardsmen. Kallark is known as Gladiator to the Shi"ar. Xenith honed her combat skills by training with Gladiator before he joined the Guard, thus making her a very formidable opponent. She later joined the galactic peace keeping force known as The Charter. Her first mission was as a member of the Cosmic Commandos, they were the defense force of the Charter. Their mission was to apprehend the cosmic Avenger Quasar. He was wanted for the crime of murder.

The Commandos were led to believe that Quasar confessed to murdering the crew of the Hub. Quasar easily escaped the Commandos, but Captain Morfex was able to trace his energy signal. They tracked Quasar to the Milky Way Galaxy, but he was no longer alone, he had gained allies in Beta Ray Bill of Asgardian might and the Herald of Galactus the Silver Surfer. In the battle Xenith and the Commandos were defeated and Captain Morfex was blown out of an airlock, and into space.

Xenith rushed to his rescue, only to find an alien Skrull in his place. The Skrull revealed himself to be Captain Morfex. He went on to explain to Xenith that they had been deceived; she then made a decision to join Captain Morfex, Beta Ray Bill, Quasar, and the Silver Surfer as the Star Masters. Together they would search for the true culprit of the crime. The Star Masters traveled to the Hub, where they continued their exploration for the truth.

There they found an Axi-Tun spacecraft. It wasn’t long after they boarded the ship that the Silver Surfer and Xenith were engaged in battle by Voltan’s servants Dampyre, and Throk. Dampyre used the tentacles from his mouth to incapacitate the Silver Surfer. Xenith was defeated by the massive Throk, who used the strange field that surrounds his body to make her go numb. Both Xenith and the Surfer were placed in the Cauldron of Conversion. Quasar soon came to their rescue; using the Quantum-Bands he was able to free Xenith and the Surfer from the Cauldron of Conversion.

Throk had captured a team of Rigellians led by Tana Nile. The group had come to the Hub on a mission to investigate the murders of the Charter members. The Star Masters fought together and freed Tana Nile. Together they stormed the Axi-Tun ship once again. Xenith battled Dampyre only to be thrown aside, and then he attempted to deplete Quasar’s quantum bands of their power. The power of the bands was too much for Dampyre to consume. This action ended with him becoming unconscious. Lord Votan commanded the ship to self destruct, with the Star Masters aboard. Dampyre’s fate was left untold.

Xenith and the others managed to escape the death trap, and were honored by the Charter for their heroics. They revealed that the true murderer was Lord Voltan. Xenith and the Star Masters set a course to Tun in pursuit of Lord Votan. The Star Masters were met by an army of Axi-Tuns, who were under the influence of Lord Votan’s powers. The Star Masters themselves had become victims of Votan’s powers, which affect the will of his opponents by basically making them, give up the fight. Once they were stripped of their will to fight back, the Star Masters were imprisoned.

They eventually devised a plan to free Quasar, by using Tana Nile as conduit to channel their combined willpower. Once Quasar was freed he kept Votan occupied while the others freed themselves. Xenith surprised Beta Ray Bill by lifting the enchanted Stormbreaker hammer and throwing it to him. This was a feat that can only be done by very few people in the universe. Throk was also able to lift the Stormbreaker, but the power of the hammer disintegrated the massive Axi-Tun. The Star Masters rallied a group of loyal Axi-Tuns, which were in allegiances with Landar the brother of Votan. Together they defeated Votan and then turned him over to The Charter to be punished for his crimes of murder.

Recently it was discovered that Xenith was a prisoner of the Shi’ar on the planet of Kr’kn, she was released after agreeing to join the mutant autocrat Vulcan’s New Imperial Guard. The Shi’ar’s oppressor sought to create an Imperial Guard of killers that were loyal to him only. Xenith a once heroic warrior now sought to bring vengeance down upon the head of her cousin Kallark, and Vulcan exploited her anger to influence her into killing his brother Havok and the Starjammers. She would be joined in her mission by some kind of unknown symbiote, a nameless survivor of the Uncreated invasion, the Pn’zo it is unclear if this is his name or race, and its abilities are also hard to explain, last but certainly not least is the Hodinn, who once served on the Guard before Cassandra Nova, although it seems that now it only wants to burn. On their two missions to kill the Starjammers Xenith battled and defeated both Korvus and Polaris, although both survived her ferocious attacks.






Dark brown, yellow when in battle



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