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Lorna DanePolaris



Lorna Dane's parents were some of the first victims of the mid-western cullings that were ordered by Apocalypse. Before she was about to be killed alongside them, Lorna's mutant abilities manifested and rescued her. However she was traumatized by the loss of her parents as well as her emerging powers and buried them inside her mind, instead deluding herself into believing that she was the daughter of Magneto. She soon met up with another mutant named Rogue and the two teamed-up together. Unfortunately this alliance ended in a conflict, with Rogue siphoning half of Lorna's mutant powers.

She was eventually captured by Apocalypse's forces and sent to the breeding pens. One night, Lorna witnessed Cyclops helping two prisoners escape from these pens. However, her fragile mind perceived Cyclops as Magneto instead. When later questioned by Havok about this event, Polaris told him that it was Magneto that helped the prisoners escape. Havok didn’t believe her and sent her to the Beast to be interrogated. Beast simply tortured her into telling him the truth but was stopped by Cyclops. That night, Cyclops, in disguise, helped Lorna escape from the breeding pens. Despite a small tussle with Northstar and Aurora, Lorna made it safely underground. Her current whereabouts are unknown.




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