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Little of Rogue's past before being delivered to Magneto and the X-Men by Mystique is known. Mystique found her wandering the countryside in Alabama. She had apparently gotten into a fight with a fellow mutant named Polaris and absorbed her memories and powers. How or why this happened is unknown but the absorption of Polaris' memories left Rogue with no knowledge of her own past.

Rogue was retrieved from America at the request of Magneto. He sent Mystique to save her because one of his spies in Apocalypse's Kingdom discovered he coveted the young girl's extremely powerful abilities.

On the same day Rogue was delivered to the X-Men's Wundagore base, the X-Men were called away to prevent the Horsemen of Apocalypse from gaining control of the United States' nuclear arsenal. Magneto left Rogue and his other young mutant charges in the care of his daughter, the Scarlet Witch. Unknown to Magneto, Apocalypse was using the attack by his Horsemen as a distraction. He planned to unleash his newest weapon, his son Nemesis on Magneto's unprotected charges.

Nemesis attacked and Scarlet Witch fought to save the young mutants, including Rogue. She succeeded and fought Nemesis off but it cost Scarlet Witch her life. As she lay dying, she asked Rogue to care for her father and be a friend to him in the trying times that would come. Rogue promised she would help him with his great burden.

Rogue moved her way up the ranks of Magneto's X-Men and became one of his most trusted X-Men. During this time Rogue would become involved with the X-Man named Gambit. The two of them would be an unofficial item. Meanwhile, Rogue was also spending a great deal of time with Magneto. She was initially only keeping her promise to the Scarlet Witch, but Rogue's feelings began to grow stronger. Eventually, Magneto discovered that their similar magnetic powers cancelled each other out, which allowed them to touch.

Soon after this, Magneto and Gambit were attacked by a mutant known as Wolverine. Unable to save them both, Rogue chose to save Magneto and left Gambit to his fate. Gambit survived but, realizing Rogue had chosen Magneto, he left the X-Men.

Rogue and Magneto would later marry and have a son together. In the days leading up to the defeat of Apocalypse, Rogue would lead a team of X-Men into Chicago to prevent the culling about to happen there. This small team would also confront Holocaust, the Horseman who was once the mutant named Nemesis, and destroy his Indianapolis base. Rogue would battle him and crack his armor. Holocaust retreated and Rogue and her team returned home.

Back at the X-Men's Westchester base, Rogue would discover her husband and son Charles had been taken by Apocalypse and his forces. Rogue led a squad of X-Men to Apocalypse's capital in New York and saved her son by killing his kidnapper, the X-Ternal traitor, Guido. After her husband used his powers to tear Apocalypse apart the three of them were reunited. They stood together and waited for the end, but it never came.

Now, with Apocalypse defeated, the X-Men are left to pick up the pieces of a broken world. And Rogue, with her family reunited, fights to create a world in which her son can feel safe.




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