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Marian Pouncy was a wrestler who took on the moniker of Poundcakes. She was later hired by Roxxon Oil to participate in missions with the female group, the Grapplers, which consisted of Screaming Mimi, Titania, Battleaxe and Letha. Poundcakes was granted superhuman strength by the Power Broker, and given special boots that enabled her to create shockwaves and tremors by stomping the ground by Roxxon.

A valuable asset to the Grapplers, she participated in several missions, often battling super-heroes such as the Thing, Captain America, and Dazzler. After her teammates Titania and Letha were slain by the Scourge of the Underworld, Poundcakes decided to work as a freelance mercenary. Later she briefly worked with Superia and her Femizons.

Poundcakes returned to a life of crime and is currently at large.




210 lbs.




Light brown

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