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Curtiss Jackson is the founder of Power Broker, Inc. which would increase the strength of paying individuals. A few well known individuals who received treatment were U.S.Agent, Sharon Ventura, and Battlestar. One of Jackson's scientists Dr. Karl Malus performed experiments on superhuman individuals. Some paying individuals treatment had terrible results, and the failures were dump in the sewers. Captain America and Night Shift teamed up to bring these patients back to Jackson for a cure. After curing the patients Mr. Jackson was taken into custody. After Mr. Jackson's release from jail he increased his own strength making him so large he couldn't move on his own, so he created an exo-skeleton which not only allowed him to move, but also gave him flight. With his new found abilities he went under the name Power Broker. Realizing that going under the treatment was a mistake he rehired Dr. Karl Malus to find a cure. Before a cure was made U.S.Agent and Battlestar defeated Power Broker and destroyed Dr. Malus's equipment leaving Power Broker with his superstrength.


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