From Aladna, a world that only speaks in rhymes, Prince Yan must tow the royal line by following his people’s tradition but has a separate mission.


A Monarchical Tradition

As a youth and per his world’s custom, the young royal Prince Yan has little choice but to be betrothed to secure his ascension to the throne—a tradition he intends to change when he becomes King. When a young mutant girl, Lila Cheney, from Earth accidentally teleports to Aladna, she and Yan become promised to one another.


A King in the Making

Prince Yan has lofty goals of changing his kingdom when he becomes king. To do so, he is persuasive and yet diplomatic.


Royal Pains

As a royal of Aladna, it’s likely that Prince Yan has enemies, but those remain to be seen.


Fit for a Prince

Prince Yan allies with Carol Danvers, AKA Captain Marvel, of Earth in an effort to help himself and his betrothed, Lila, avert their marriage. He flirts with Carol but she rejects him, saying her heart belongs to another.


A Stately Affair

When Lila returned to Aladna, she brought Earth’s Mightiest Hero Captain Marvel with her, along with Carol’s ally Tic. Prince Yan, who like Lila, was not interested in marrying his betrothed and asked for Carol’s help. He convinced her to object to the marriage during the wedding ceremony, which would give Lila her freedom. But noted that without her help, his reign would be given away to Marlo of Sleen. Carol agreed.

At the ceremony, Carol’s objection was interrupted by Marlo who challenged Lila to the death to win Yan’s choice. Carol volunteered to fight in Lila’s stead and when things looked dire for Marlo, Yan intervened, begging his father the King that no one die for the family’s succession. Carol, seeing Yan’s good nature, demanded that Yan’s choice be her bounty and return it to him. But the King was immovable and Yan conceded to his King and his people’s needs. Tic then offered to be his bride and accepting her offer, they married.



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