Before Midnight

Proxima’s background is unknown, though as one of the Children of Thanos it’s likely she was taken by Thanos at a young age when her planet was invaded by the Titan—similar to what happened to her “sisters,” Gamora and Nebula. Unlike those two, however, there is no trace of compassion, mercy, or hesitation within Proxima when it comes to carrying out Thanos’ orders.

Threat Level Midnight

Proxima is such a skilled and sinister fighting machine that she is able to go toe-to-toe with adversaries who have super human abilities and powers, using just her combat training and her three-pronged spear. Proxima’s strength and superior skills in death dealing make her one of the most feared foes in the galaxy.

Proxima’s hefty javelin can impale from near or far. It is also capable of shooting out blasts of energy. Proxima is able to summon it back to her hand, even when someone as strong as Steve Rogers is grasping it.

Proxima Midnight in Scotland

Proxima’s Opposition

When Proxima and mission partner Corvus Glaive arrive on Earth, they find Vision and Scarlet Witch are not easy prey. In what Proxima assumes will be an easy snatch and grab, Scarlet Witch, in particular, puts up a strong fight. Wanda protects both the Mind Stone and her love, Vision, allowing enough time for Steve Rogers, Black Widow, and Falcon to arrive and overwhelm Proxima’s efforts.

Proxima Midnight fighting Scarlet Witch (Wanda Maximoff) in Scotland

Proxima later faces her new foes once more in Wakanda, along with other allies they’ve assembled. Most notably, Scarlet Witch and Black Widow are also joined by Okoye in a fierce battle against Proxima Midnight.

Proxima’s Pals

While it is not clear whether Proxima has fought alongside Gamora and Nebula, who would have been her kindred “sisters” among Thanos’ ranks, she’s definitely loyal to her fellow Children of Thanos—Cull Obsidian, Corvus Glaive, and Ebony Maw. In Thanos’ quest for the Infinity Stones, she dutifully and eagerly travels to Earth to retrieve the Mind Stone for her master.

Midnight’s Mission

After aiding Thanos in the raid and destruction of Xandar, which garnered him the Power Stone, and then the sweeping assault on a ship of Asgardian refugees, which gained him the Space Stone, Proxima Midnight instantly obeyed orders and headed to Earth in search of two remaining Infinity Stones.

Paired with Corvus Glaive, Proxima arrived in Edinburgh, Scotland, where Vision and Scarlet Witch had been hiding off-the-grid. After wounding and all but incapacitating Vision, Proxima and Corvus had more trouble than expected trying to fend off the powerful attacks of Scarlet Witch. The battle raged all over Old Town Edinburgh, landing in Waverly Train Station where Proxima and Corvus found themselves also confronted by Steve Rogers, Black Widow, and Falcon. With Corvus too injured to continue the fight, Proxima transported them both back up to their ship, hovering just above the city, calling her spear to follow them up and out of Steve Rogers’ hands.

Proxima would return for the Mind Stone, accompanied by Cull Obsidian, Corvus Glaive, and Thanos’ armies, in Wakanda. Before the battle, she exchanged brief words with Steve Rogers and Black Widow through the city’s force field wall. Showing a bit of cockiness, Proxima unleashed a swarm of genetically engineered Outriders on the city, allowing them to do the brunt of the fighting and overwhelm the Wakandan forces and their allies.

Proxima Midnight and Cull Obsidian fighting in Wakanda

During the battle, Proxima targeted Scarlet Witch, the woman who had a major hand in stopping her first efforts to get the Mind Stone, knocking her out and intending to kill her. When Black Widow and Okoye came to the Witch’s aid, Proxima found herself fighting them both, while all three simultaneously dodged the mauling attacks of giant rolling bladed wheels that had been unleashed by Proxima earlier.

Having come to, Scarlet Witch, with one flickering movement, telekinetically lifted Proxima up and sent her flying into the spinning teeth of an oncoming thresher wheel. The destruction of her body sent blue blood splattering onto the Black Widow, who declared what had just occurred to be “gross.”