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Psi-Wolf and the Peristrike Force were hired by unidentified individuals seeking to make use of the intellect of Dr. Anatoly Vonya in order to create an army of super humans. When it appeared the other three members of his group would not be able to abduct Vonya because of the interference of Darkhawk, Psi-Wolf revealed himself and stopped the hero by taking over his mind. Psi-Wolf would have killed Darkhawk right then and there if Scattershot had not convinced him to use Darkhawk to help fight their way through the local authorities. Psi-Wolf agreed, but once they escaped Darkhawk was tossed out of their helicopter. The Peristrike Force was pinned down at an airfield while seeking to take a plane back to Russia when Darkhawk returned to rescue Vonya. Psi-Wolf ordered Siberion to stop the intruder, but Siberion accidentally froze Vonya, killing him. After defeating the others, Darkhawk damaged a portion of Psi-Wolf's cyborg body, preventing him from using any of his mental abilities, but Psi-Wolf was still far stronger than his foe. He grabbed Darkhawk and began to crush the life from his body, but a devastating Darkforce blast knocked Psi-Wolf out, and he was left with the rest of his teammates for the police to take into custody.






Red (right); white (left)



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