Natalia or Natalya (last name unrevealed)Scattershot



Scattershot was possibly the most aggressive member of the Peristrike Force, and she had shown she was not afraid to shed blood in order to get what she wanted – even if it was innocent blood. She was hired to kidnap her creator, Dr. Anatoly Vonya but once the local authorities were called, Scattershot threatened to blow up the high school Vonya was lecturing in if the Peristrike Force was not given safe passage. Darkhawk, or rather his alter-ego Chris Powell, attended school there, and he rushed to stop the terrorists. Scattershot's teammates, Siberion and Volga Belle were the first to fall, but her leader, Psi-Wolf, stopped Darkhawk by taking over his mind. Scattershot convinced Psi-Wolf to enslave Darkhawk before killing him, and her plan worked. The Peristrike Force fought their way through the police and escaped in a nearby helicopter. Scattershot threw Darkhawk out of the helicopter high above the city, but that wouldn't be the last she saw of him. Later, while preparing to escape back to Russia with Dr. Vonya, Scattershot was defeated by Darkhawk and left for the police.









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