Psyklop was a member of a bipedal humanoid insects that ruled Earth eons before the appearance of hominids. Highly intelligent and technologically advanced, the insectoids nevertheless worshiped the dreaded Dark Gods, but they fell from favor with their gods and were punished with eternal sleep. Seeking new sources of replenishing their power after millennia, the gods revived Psyklop, promising to awaken the rest of his race so that they could inherit the Earth after he procured food for them. They gave him an underground lair beneath a Pacific atoll, containing graven images and protected by a large Lemurian slug. Using insectoid technology Psyklop teleported the Hulk to his lab. However, the psychic surge of Psyklop’s awakening and devotion affected a Louisiana bayou voodoo group, inadvertently creating an entranced Dark God-worshiping cult which not only channeled Psyklop’s ardor but also acknowledged his location. When Captain America and the Falcon fought the group, and they discovered one entranced cult member mechanically repeating map coordinates and convinced the Avengers to join them in searching the area. Just as Psyklop used a shrinking ray on the Hulk to better scrutinize his molecular structure, the Avengers intruded and attacked. Distracted, Psyklop neglected the ray until it shrank Hulk into apparent nothingness. Due to his being startled, by the Hulk’s abrupt disappearance, Psyklop quickly teleported the Avengers to New York, wiping their minds clean of the recent events.

Psyklop searched for the Hulk, who had arrived on the microscopic planet K'ai. There the Hulk met a race of green skinned people, ruled by the beautiful Jarella, with Bruce Banner’s brain controlling the Hulk’s body thanks to Jarella’s Pantheon of Sorcerers. After Bruce Banner protected Jarella’s realm from a usurper, she agreed to marry him; but Psyklop located his prey, shrank down, captured and returned the Hulk to Earth. Although without the sorcerers spell to give Banner’s personality reign over the Hulk’s mind, Psyklop was brutally attacked by the behemoth, destroying Psyklop’s lab. The Dark Gods seized Psyklop and, as punishment for his failure, he was banished to K’ai, where he spent months crafting a castle out of a mountain peak, rebuilding his machines and creating a robot to pose as the God of the Mountain, frightening off Jarella’s people insuring his privacy.

When the Hulk grew in departure from a second K'ai visit, his foot knocked the micro-world out of its orbit, temporarily causing earthquakes. Taking advantage of the situation, Psyklop created his dreadnought drill to continue the quakes. He also invented his essence urn, to collect the life-forces of every person killed in the quakes. Psyklop awaited the conjunction of multi-universal energies, so that he could present the life-forces to the Dark Gods as payment to be released from exile. While Psyklop was waiting his opportunity to escape K’ai the Hulk returned once again, Psyklop subdued the Hulk and hypnotically manipulated him into attacking Jarella’s subjects. The hypnotic spell was eventually broken by the Pantheon of Sorcerers and the Hulk’s subsequent rampage cracked the essence urn, which exploded, releasing the life=forces of the quakes victims, who took their revenge by apparently destroying Psyklop.


8'(on Earth)


450 lbs. (on Earth)





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