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The beautiful, light green-skinned woman known only as Jarella was born on the planet K'ai within Sub-Atomica a universe that can only be entered by shrinking to a sub-atomic level. Jarella and her people were highly intelligent and technologically advanced. However, after the cataclysmic events that caused the planet's landmass to sink, nearly killing all the inhabitants of K'ai. The remaining survivors learned the art of magic, relying on sorcery instead of technology. Jarella and her subjects were encountered by the green-skinned behemoth known as the Hulk and she instructed her Pantheon of Sorcerers to cast a spell that would allow Banner's mind to remain in control of the Hulk. Together Jarella and the Hulk would defeat an upstart despot, and she asked for Banner's hand in marriage. However, their ceremony was interrupted by Psyklop, who snatched the Hulk from Sub-Atomica and breaking the spell that gave Banner dominion over the Hulk. Jarella made several journeys to Earth as well and one such journey caused her death, as she rescued a young boy from being crushed by a falling building.


5'6" (on Earth)


126 lbs. (on Earth)





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