Pyskos is a member of the Eternal race, it is unknown as to how long he has walked the Earth and exactly when his extraordinary mental powers manifested themselves. However, it is documented that he had once gone by the name of Ronnie Sykes and was a police negotiator. In one particular case he used his mental powers to have the criminal Harlod shot himself in the leg as a means to speed up the negotiations, due to his receiving a mental summons from Olympia.

When he arrived in Olympia he learned that one of the dead Externals members was about to be resurrected. Almost instantly Ransak entered Olympia after being mutated beyond recognition by Apocalypse. Ransak was eventually defeated and returned to his normal state. It was then revealed that the Eternal returning to life was Virako, father of Ikaris. Virako disapproved of the selection of Ikaris as leader of the Eternals, due to his compassion to assist the Deviants. Pyskos was one of many Eternals that chose to standby Ikaris and they journeyed with him to San Francisco, where they found their Deviant ally Karkas once again. Although, he had been mutated into a giant monster.

Pyskos attempted to use his powers to control Karkas, but he was met with enormous feed back, due to Apocalypse already having control of the monsters mind.









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