The being known as Quantum was a member of the Dakkamite race. They were from the planet of Dakkam. Quantum and several other Dakkamite soldiers called the Elect took part in an experiment to become supper-soldiers, by being placed into specially designed capsules and positioned in close proximity to the Earth's sun. When Quantum came fourth from his capsule, he realized that his powers had manifested but the other members of the Elect were nowhere to be found.

He went in search of his missing teammates and the search led him to the planet of Earth, where he met Graviton and eventually joined forces with him. Halflife, and Zzzax were in the company of Graviton at that time. Graviton promised Quantum that he would assist him in locating his lost friends. While in the presence of Graviton and the others Quantum fought the West Coast Avengers. Shortly after this battle Quantum fell out with Graviton and left to continue his search for his friends. His search led him to find another member of his race known as the Aquarian. Quantum quickly attacked the Aquarian for being a traitor to the Dakkamite race. Their battle was interrupted by Quasar, who saved the Aquarian. Quantum's continued search led him to the laboratory world of the enigmatic Stranger who was holding the members of the Elect in captivity. Quantum later appeared with Zarek in the crowd of super powered beings drawn to the planet of Godthab Omega by the apprentice Shaper of Worlds, Glorian, during the cosmic catastrophe known as the Annihilation.









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