Quintronic Man

Quintronic Man



Built by Stark Enterprises to explore the vastness of space, the Quintronic Man was initially tested in battle with the incredible Hulk.

Called in to assist law enforcement personnel, the android appeared to be the man-brute's match in every way – save for the fact there were five brains in control of the machine instead of one very resolute mind determined not to lose. Just when the Quintronic Man had Hulk pinned down, the left arm's pilot, McCord, acted against orders and pummeled the Hulk into a blind rage, leaving Head Man no choice but to activate the Somna-Gas and put Hulk to sleep. Eventually the gas wore off, and Hulk was ready for round two. Learning from his previous bout, Hulk jammed the gas dispenser in Quintronic Man's chest, forcing the Somna-Gas to be released inside the massive robot causing all five pilots to doze off and lose control of their vessel. The Quintronic Man stumbled into a damaged building which toppled down upon it. Lucky for the pilots, Jack of Hearts was on the scene to help dig them out.

Sometime later, the Quintronic Man was reactivated and piloted by five Life Model Decoys of Nick Fury, only this time it was used for petty bank robbery. The Quintronic Man was stopped by Nova.









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