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When his mutant nature manifested, Marshall Evan Stone III sought aid in controlling his body's now-protoplasmic state. Help came in the form of the Dark Beast, who gave Stone control in exchange for his services as a superhuman operative. Though still only a young boy, Stone used his powers to make himself appear larger and older, becoming the bounty hunter Random. Stone often worked with the government-sponsored X-Factor team until the Dark Beast had him betray them by capturing their leader, Havok. Stone later aided Havok against the Dark Beast, freeing himself from servitude. He briefly joined Magneto's mutant army in Genosha before being captured by the Weapon X Program and incarcerated in the "Neverland" concentration camp. There, he was selected to become a field agent but was ultimately freed after a change in Weapon X's leadership. Recently, he joined the new incarnation of the Acolytes, group led for Exodus.


(as Stone) 5'6"; (as Random) 6'2"


(as Stone) 122 lbs.; (as Random) 222 lbs.





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