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Damon Ryder worked as scientist at a college in Portland, where he met and hired Ben Reilly. The two men grew as close as bothers while working together. Ryder was conducting an experiment with dinosaur DNA; seeking to gain superhuman strength Damon, injected himself with the dinosaur DNA. Riley noticed a change in Damon and tried to convince his friend to go the hospital, in order to receive help. His attempt to assist his friend was interrupted when Kaine came charging into the laboratory. Reilly instructed Damon to get his family out of the building, but he failed to do so before the place exploded, killing Damon’s wife and children.

The fallout of this event drove Damon mad and he swore to get revenge on Ben. The only problem is that Ben has been dead for some time now. However, Damon, tracked down a man that he believed to be Ben, Peter Parker. Due to the fact that Ben was cloned from the DNA of Parker, there is no way for Damon to know that he is after the wrong guy, in his current state of mind. Raptor patiently stalked Parker as he battled the Dotcom villain Screwball outside the office of Front Line.

Raptor took Parker's cousins the Reilly girls and best friend Harry Osborn hostage in the home of Parker's aunt May. Raptor proceeded to execute his plan of making Ben watch his family as they burn to death. Once again Kaine appeared, exclaiming that Raptor, was able to stabilize his genetic deterioration. Spider-Man has arranged for Screwball to arrive and provide a necessary distraction, allowing Harry enough time to get the girls out of the burning house. Spider-Man was then able to apprehend the deranged Raptor.




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