Screwball is fairly new to the New York City superhuman criminal community. She specializes in recording her crimes and broadcasting them live over the internet. Trained in parkour, Screwball performs her crimes with aplomb, using smart quips to endear herself to her audience. During one of her crimes, she held up an Off-track betting parlor. While escaping with the money, Screwball was perused by the web-slinging Spider-Man (Peter Parker), who foiled her escape by planting a Spider-Tracer upon her clothing. Screwball was aware of the string of "Spider-Tracer killings" within the city, and she became scared after discovering the tracer. She frantically dislodged the tracer from her clothing and turned herself into the police. However, she was quickly bailed out by the opportunistic Bookie, who in exchange for his help convinced Screwball to impersonate Spider-Man and fight an obscure villain known as Basher. However, the plan fell apart when the real Spider-Man arrived on the scene and captured and unmasked the unseasoned Screwball. Cornered, she confessed the details of the swindle, and gave Spider-Man directions to the "Bar With No Name", where she was to meet the Bookie and collect her payment.




132 lbs.




Unrevealed; dyed purple

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