It was revealed by the Sugar Man, that he and Rastus where from the Age of Apocalypse, a place where mutants thrived and the chosen ruled the world. Rastus was a large two headed monster that was incredibly strong and really fast for his size. He lived in the catacombs underneath the island nation of Genosha. He was accidentally discovered by the Dark Beast, who was assisting a group of Magistrates in locating a hidden supply vault. All of the Magistrates were slain, although, the Dark Beast was able to escape and informed the Morlock, Callisto of the massacre that had taken place. Callisto persuaded Wicked to use her spirit controlling ability to explore the catacombs underneath the island. This search resulted in the spirits being attacked and both Callisto and Wicked suffering the pain through empathic backlash. Callisto and Omega Sentinel teamed up and went into the tunnels together, leading to a violent underground battle with the Sugar Man and the two headed monster Rastus. Callisto killed both men, after having lost her left arms.








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