Wicked was one of the few survivors of the Sentinel attack on the nation of Genosha's capital, Hammer Bay. She was in the middle of an argument with her parents in which her mother screamed "You wicked wicked" before she and Wicked's father were incinerated by a blast from the Sentinels.

Soon after she was discovered by Professor Charles Xavier, Wicked and her companion Freakshow joined his efforts to rebuild the island nation. Later that day, Wicked rescued Magneto, who was presumed dead at the time. He was under attack from Callisto, who had been sent to keep an eye on Xavier by his ex-pupil Storm. Wicked along with the newly recruited allies, Shola Inkosi and Karima Shapandar, helped rebuild the island of Genosha. Together they continued to search for scattered survivors along the way.

In the aftermath of House of M|"M-Day", Wicked was one of the many mutants to lose her powers, however, in an act of desperation she inhaled the Terrigen Mists offered by Quicksilver and regained her powers, though significantly enhanced from what they originally were.




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