Red King (Angmo II)

Angmo IIRed King


Battle on Planet Hulk for New Season of 'MARVEL SNAP'


Battle on Planet Hulk for New Season of 'MARVEL SNAP'

Say hello to the planet Sakaar, where the biggest battles take place at the Grand Arena! Choose your fighter in the newest season of 'MARVEL SNAP'!



Angmo II was the son of the Father Emperor of the planet Sakaar, of the Tayo Star System. The Father Emperor was an Imperial Soldier turned warlord, his exploits united the nations of Imperia during the Wars of Empire and saved the planet from the alien invasion for the extraterrestrial Spikes, in a planetary war for Sakaar. Much of the early history of the Father Emperor is shrouded in mystery. Following the Spike War the Father Emperor ruled for many years, although tension remained between him and the various Regional Community Congresses that he had established. The Father Emperor died in 552 Post while hunting on the plains of Upper Vandro, leaving his empire to his son, Angmo II, the Hero Protector and Crown Prince of Sakaar. Upon ascending to the throne, he took the name "Red King."




166 lbs.





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