Published January 3, 2024

Battle on Planet Hulk for New Season of 'MARVEL SNAP'

Say hello to the planet Sakaar, where the biggest battles take place at the Grand Arena! Choose your fighter in the newest season of 'MARVEL SNAP'!

Battle on Planet Hulk for New Season of 'MARVEL SNAP'

Hey, you, you’re finally awake. That trip through the great portal must have knocked you out! Step on out and enjoy your stay on SakaarMARVEL SNAP is ready to take you to new places in 2024, and the first stop is Planet Hulk! Who's ready for a gladiator showdown in the newest season of MARVEL SNAP?

Better hurry, because the next battle at the Grand Arena is about to start and you wouldn’t want to miss our newest character, Skaar!


Behold Skaar, the formidable son of the Hulk, known on Sakaar as the mightiest of warriors. His strength and courage are as legendary as his family tree.


Born fighting for his life amidst fire and pain in the savage world of Sakaar, the half-Hulk, half-Shadow warrior Skaar raises an angry sword against those who threaten his people and desires the power to destroy his enemies.

When a catastrophe on Sakaar causes the death of Caiera the Oldstrong, and Bruce Banner, AKA the Hulk, leaves to seek revenge on those he believes responsible, a new kind of monster is born. Their surviving child emerges from the charred waste. He grows abnormally fast, and without his parents to raise him, so does his rage. Taken in by savage creatures, the child learns at a young age to kill to survive. Given the name Skaar, he's immediately proclaimed a prophet by some and a demon by others. However, he only cares about claiming his birthright—the Old Power. 

Skaar’s gamma-spawned and Old Power heritage grant him superhuman strength, lifting at least 90 tons. He possesses superhuman stamina and durability, is particularly immune to the effects of fire and can rapidly regenerate from wounds. Skaar’s powerful leg muscles allow him to leap through the air up to 600’ vertically or 1000’ horizontally.

Using the Old Power, Skaar can make his skin harder than stone and increase his strength while he touches ground; he can also manipulate stone and rock, using the power to levitate boulders. At the height of his connection to the Old Power on Sakaar, Skaar could create earthquakes and sense the life forces of other beings anywhere on the planet. Skaar can transform into a childlike Shadow form in which he can still access some of the Old Power, but cannot use his gamma-induced powers.



MARVEL SNAP Planet Hulk Season Pass Rewards


Are you not entertained? Well, get ready, because for the FIRST TIME, we’re launching a brand new character into the Spotlight Cache on the FIRST week of the season!!! Skaar’s own mother, Caiera, will be launching into battle at the same time!



Caiera was one of the Shadow People, an extraterrestrial race who helped colonize the planet Sakaar. The Shadow People are linked to a primordial power that enables them to tap into the planet for additional strength. The Elders among the Shadows who raised Caiera recognized the Old Power in her and began her training. When she was 13, the extraterrestrial parasites called the Spikes overran her village, consuming her family and many others. Caiera was saved by Prince Angmo II of the imperial peoples, who planted an obedience disk into her so that she would be forced to serve him. Caiera eventually grew to become a lieutenant in the imperial Guard. When Angmo II succeeded to the imperial throne as the Red King, he made Caiera his Warbound Shadow, honoring the treaties between his people and the Shadow elders.

After 30 years of serving the Red King, Caiera met a formidable opponent when the Green Scar was brought to Sakaar by the meddling Shadow Elders, who hoped to fulfill their peoples' prophecies of the messianic Sakaarson by forcibly drawing such a person to their world. Enslaved as a gladiator, the Hulk emerged victorious in combat, but the Red King and Caiera personally defeated him when tried to fight them. As the Hulk became a famous personality on Sakaar through his gladiatorial victories, Caiera attempted to by him off by offering him a chance to retire in peace, but the Hulk refused her offer. Caiera helped arrange for the imprisoned Silver Savage to be pitted against the Hulk, but the Hulk won the fight, destroying the obedience disc in the process. Caiera then demanded that Hulk and fellow Warbound gladiators kill imprisoned enemies of the Red King, but they refused, and the Surfer ultimately neutralized the gladiators' obedience disc, making the Hulk a rebel leader.

Caiera led forces in attempts to defeat the Hulk's army, but when she finally faced him in personal combat, the Red King interfered by releasing Spikes into the area. Caiera helped the Hulk fight the Spikes and tried to obtain the Red Kings aid in protecting the village of An-Sara, but instead the Red king dropped deathfire bombs on the village. Caiera survived the bombing and the Red King's disregard for his own subjects' lives convinced her to switch her allegiance and join the Hulk's Warbound. Caiera aided the Warbound in combating the Red King's forces, and the emperor was finally slain.

The Hulk was named successor to the throne by popular acclaim, and he chose Caiera as his queen. Before they were wed, she had him reveal his greatest secret to her. He revealed his other identity of Bruce Banner, and she loved Banner as well as the Hulk. Caiera became pregnant with the Hulk's child, and they hoped to usher in a new age of cooperation among the many people of Sakaar; however, when the S.H.I.E.L.D. vessel which brought the Hulk to Sakaar suddenly exploded, Caiera was caught in the blast, which destroyed Crown City. She died in the Hulk's arms, and her body was consumed by the planet's erupting lava. With Caiera's passing was transferred to Hiroim the Shamed of the Hulk's Warbound.




Son of the Olympus God-King Zeus and a mortal woman, Hercules is a legendary Greek demigod and a long-time Avenger.

Hercules is the son of Zeus, the king of the Olympian gods, and Alcmena—herself the great-granddaughter of Zeus. Accounts and chronology of Hercules’ adventures often vary, and Hercules’ lengthy existence and frequent battles have been credited for possible discrepancies in his memory. By most accounts, over three thousand years ago, recognizing the need for a powerful son to defend both humanity and the Olympian gods from future dangers, Zeus seduced Alcmena in the guise of her husband, Theban general Amphitryon.

Jealous over this infidelity, Zeus’ wife Hera sought vengeance on the infant son born to Alcmena, originally named Alcaeus. The goddess Athena renamed the boy Heracles, as he had earned Hera’s wrath.

Heracles’ extraordinary strength became apparent at one year old when he strangled two serpents sent by Hera to slay him. As a young adult, Heracles joined Jason and his Argonauts on their quest to find the Golden Fleece of the winged ram Chrysomallos. In 1289 BC, while off the coast of Mysia, the Argonauts sent Heracles and his arms-bearer Hylas, the orphaned prince of the Dryopians, to gather lumber to repair an oar that Heracles had broken. While ashore, Hylas was abducted by water nymphs who were bewitched by his great beauty. Heracles would not stop searching for his missing friend and was eventually left behind by the Argonauts.

Like most Olympian gods, Hercules is immune to aging and conventional disease. He is virtually tireless, as his body produces no fatigue poisons. Hercules has superhuman strength (Class 100), greater than most other Olympian gods. His superhuman leg strength enables him to perform a standing high jump of at least 100 feet. Hercules is highly durable, resisting most forms of impact, penetration and energy assault. He can survive for brief periods unaided in the vacuum of space. Although he can be wounded in battle, he cannot die by any conventional means and has a rapid healing rate. Only an injury of such magnitude that it would incinerate or disperse a major portion of his bodily molecules could kill Hercules. In some such cases, Zeus or one of the other gods might still be able to resurrect him. Hercules is highly expert in traditional means of hand-to-hand combat, especially in wrestling. He is talented in ancient Greek athletic feats such as the discus and hammer throws.




An insectoid native of Sakaar, Miek is a fierce fighter who allies himself with Bruce Banner, AKA Hulk, and joins the warriors known as the Warbound. Though his violent appetites lead to destruction that makes its way to Earth.

Miek, like the rest of his race of Sakaar Natives, is born in a hive overseen by his father. However, the Imperials claim that he had no right to reproduce and that the Emperor was in the process of reclaiming hive-land. Miek's father stands up to them, but is killed along with many of his brothers. Miek survives, now unhived, but is soon found and enslaved. He manages to escape at one point, but is recaptured.

Miek enters the world early and is not as physically developed as his siblings. However, given his early trauma, he learns to survive. He is eventually sold into gladiatorial work where he learns to fight with all four of his arms. He also begins to almost obsessively thirst for vengeance. Later, when he finds more of his people, he evolves to become a giant and a much more powerful version of himself. He is now far stronger and boasts a harder shell around himself that also hides wings. Miek can also communicate with other beings mentally, which he calls chemming.

Suffering years of abuse and hardship, Miek develops an understandable hatred of the Imperials. He is thrown together with other fighters who become loyal companions, bonded under a Warbound oath, uniting forever in life and death. The Warbound includes the Hulk, Korg, No-Name the Brood, Elloe KaifiHiroim, and Lavin Skee. They all fight together and eventually topple Angmo-Asan, AKA Red King. However, Miek does not like how the Hulk—or Green Scar as he becomes known—relaxes after the victory. To fuel his fellow monster, Miek consciously decides to blow up the ship that brought Hulk to Sakaar, even if it means killing all of his hivelings. Miek pushes Hulk to attack Earth, which he does, but eventually reveals the truth, which nearly costs him his life.




When mortals meet this seven-foot tall, ancient figure with searing red eyes, they call him Grandmaster; when they part, they call him Sorrow . For countless eons, he watches the game of life across an infinite number of worlds, but living so long, eternity can get boring—and what better way to defeat boredom than to create games that can determine the fate of the universe? Let the games begin!

En Dwi Gast, also known as the Grandmaster, is one of the Elders of the Universe—a handful of ancient and powerful extraterrestrials that arose following the creation of all things. The Elders have lived longer than almost anyone else in the universe; their life forces are sustained by their monomaniacal obsessions with select pursuits. And the Grandmaster is obsessed with playing games.

During his long existence, he has amassed an immeasurably massive collection of games. He has studied, played, and mastered countless games on countless worlds, creating unique tournaments and contests in search of further diversion. He often employs other sentient beings as willing, or unwilling, pawns in his games and has repeatedly manipulated the heroes of Earth.

The Grandmaster’s home base is a planet of living computers with which he is mentally linked and which he can operate from across an intergalactic distance. His world is filled with games and gaming devices; effigies and images of his many pawns; a seemingly infinite variety of high-tech machinery; and countless monitors recording his various games in progress.



Beta Ray Bill

The Burning Galaxy was destroyed through the machinations of Surtur. The surviving Korbinites decided to choose a champion who they would follow to their new home. the Korbinite known as Beta Ray Bill was successful and was transformed into a cybernetic being resembling a fierce creature. The Korbinites then amassed their fleet, put themselves into stasis, and followed Beta's ship, Skuttlebutt. Bill fought legions of demons sent by Surtur.

As the fleet approached the Milky Way galaxy, it was detected by a S.H.I.E.L.D. satellite. Nick Fury asked Thor to investigate. Thor was deemed a threat by Skuttlebutt, so Beta fought him. During the battle Thor was separated from his hammer, Mjolnir, and reverted to Donald Blake. Curious, Bill picked up Mjolnir and the hammer deemed him worthy, granting him the power of Thor. Skuttlebutt landed but both were transported to Asgard by Odin. Bill said the hammer should remain his as he had won it fairly.

Odin subsequently decreed the two battle in Skartheim to the death to see who would reclaim the hammer. Bill's Korbinite physiology gave him somewhat of an advantage in the lava-filled realm, and he was able to win. However, he refused to take Thor's life. It is believed that Odin chose this location to further test Bill's worthiness and to teach Thor a lesson. Mjolnir was returned to Thor, with Odin ordering the creation of the hammer Stormbreaker for Bill to use. Bill continued to protect his people and assist the Asgardians. He grew particularly close to Sif, who accompanied him to battle Surtur's demons.

At one point, a mysterious disease seemed to kill the Korbinites, but they were able to be revived. Bill spent time in space as part of the Star Masters, and was called to join his fellow hammer wielders Thor, Thunderstrike, and Dargo Ktor to battle as the Thor Corps. His body briefly was reconfigured to use cosmic rather than mystical powers through a special synthesis by Odin and the Silver Surfer.


So, when can you expect new cards?

You can expect new cards to be released weekly—starting with last month’s Season Pass Card, Sebastian Shaw, releasing as a Series 5 card on January 2nd.

  • January 2nd: Sebastian Shaw - Series 5 Release
  • January 2nd: Caiera - Series 5 Release
  • January 9th: Hercules - Series 5 Release
  • January 16th: Miek - Series 4 Release
  • January 23rd: Grand Master - Series 5 Release
  • January 30th: Beta Ray Bill - Series 5 Release

New Series 4 and Series 5 cards appear in the Spotlight Cache and the Token Shop. As you level up your Collection Level, Spotlight Caches become available for you to unlock a Series 4, Series 5 card, Spotlight Variants, or more.



January 2nd:

MARVEL SNAP Spotlight Cache January 2nd
MARVEL SNAP Spotlight Cache January 2nd


January 9th:

MARVEL SNAP Spotlight Cache January 9th
MARVEL SNAP Spotlight Cache January 9th


January 16th:

MARVEL SNAP Spotlight Cache January 16th
MARVEL SNAP Spotlight Cache January 16th


January 23rd:

MARVEL SNAP Spotlight Cache January 23rd
MARVEL SNAP Spotlight Cache January 23rd


January 30th:

MARVEL SNAP Spotlight Caches January 30th
MARVEL SNAP Spotlight Caches January 30th



MARVEL SNAP Great Portal Location
  • Great Portal: Add a random card with 10 or more Power to your hand.
MARVEL SNAP Crown City Location
  • Crown City: Whoever is winning here gets +4 Power at adjacent locations.



MARVEL SNAP Brand New Variants

There are 40+ New Art Variants coming to the game this season—including 20 brand-new Pandart Studio variants in this month’s shop takeover!

Shop Takeover: Pandart Studio - January 30th



MARVEL SNAP Twitch Drops

Watch your favorite MARVEL SNAP Twitch streamers to earn Boosters, Credits, and a sweet Mystery Variant! Drops will be available from January 23rd to 30th—don’t miss out!

  • Watch 2 hours to earn: 65 Random Boosters
  • Watch 4 hours to earn: 350 Credits
  • Watch 6 hours to earn: Premium Mystery Variant

Head over to to link your accounts today.

We hope you enjoy this jam-packed month and we can’t wait to see all the new decks you experiment with!

Get in on the action now! MARVEL SNAP is available in 13 languages across the world and available for download now on mobile and PC:


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