Caretaker has existed since a time before Atlantis, he is a member of the supernatural Blood. The Blood appear to be capable of slowing the human aging process and are immune to conventional diseases. As a member of the Blood he has superhuman strength and durability. Caretaker is also a telepoter, each member of the Blood appears to have very powerful mystical gifts. The Blood joined together to protect the Earth from supernatural threats. The demon Zarathos and his minions were their greatest threat. Zarathos was attempting to obtain a magical talisman, known as the Medallion of Power.

Also opposing the demon Zarathos were mysterious beings of power by the name of the Spirits of Vengeance, who sought to guard humanity against the dark times Zarathos would bring. The two sides battled over the Medallion of Power, which many of the Blood shifting allegiance to Zarathos. They would come to be known as the Fallen. The Spirits sacrificed themselves causing Zarathos defeat, the Blood became the protectors of the Medallion, which contained the fallen Spirits power. The Blood understood that it contained too much power for anyone user to possess. The Caretaker shattered the Medallion into into four separate pieces. The four quarters were to be given to two human families, with a lineage of one male and one female in each family inheriting a quarter. Two of these fragments were passed on through generations and unwilling inherited by Michael Badilino and his sister. The other two were intended for Johnny Blaze and his sister, Barbara Ketch. They had another brother by the name of Daniel Ketch who received a quarter of the Medallion instead of Barbara. The Caretaker assumed the role of protector of those families.

Caretaker has taken up residence in the Cypress Hills Cometary, which is also a prison for the People of the Dust, they were tramped underneath the property by him and the other Blood. The People of the Dust will remain there as long as the Caretaker's power existed. Later Caretaker introduced himself to Ghost Rider and Blaze to warn them of the coming of the police. Not long after that the Sorcerer Supreme, Doctor Strange appeared to warn them of the coming of the demon queen Lilith and hoard of demons known as the Lilin.

The Lilin would be the least of Caretaker's problems as a new threat would arise in the form of a traitorous angel seeking to overthrow God and claim Heaven for himself - Zadkiel. To accomplish his goal, Zadkiel had to enlist earthly subordinates to eliminate any who would threaten his mission. In a bitter act of betrayal, Zadkiel coerced Daniel Ketch to confront and destroy his former Caretaker. Ketch didn't face his mentor alone, however. He had help in the form of some of his old enemies: Blackout, Doghead and Death Ninja plus the all-new Orb. Caretaker wasn't about to go down without a fight, but the numbers were against him. Eventually, he did go down, Blackout striking the fatal blow, but before he left this world, he met his granddaughter, Sara, and told her she was to replace him. For his loyal service on Earth, Caretaker's soul went to Heaven, but a Heaven ruled by Zadkiel meant his soul was torn to pieces and scattered to the winds on arrival.




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