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Richard Malone



After bludgeoning a prostitute to death using a champagne bottle, Richard "Pig" Malone was going to lie on the stand that he witnessed a man named Timothy Lee commit the crime. This was actually part of a plan to run Lee's businesses out of Chinatown, and it had the full support of the Kingpin. In order to facilitate the proceedings, the Assistant District Attorney was also on board, and an unsuspecting police detective was duped into believing Malone was innocent and in need of protection.

Malone would soon discover his dishonesty would come at a price for Lee is the master of the Four Winds, an ancient order of highly skilled warriors with origins in his native China. The Four Winds made an attempt on Malone's life and slaughtered his police escort, but Malone proved to be luckier the second time since Elektra was hired to be his bodyguard. The Four Winds was defeated and Malone was safe – until his big mouth got him into trouble.

Tipping Elektra off to the fact that he truly might have been the one behind the murder all along, Malone was in serious trouble after she uncovered the truth. He overestimated his chances of surviving a confrontation with the former Hand assassin while aiming a pistol at her, but a quick distraction was all she needed to disarm him and send him plummeting out of a tenth floor window to his death.









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