Four Winds (Ninjas)



The order of the Four Winds was formed in the 11th century to serve a spiritual leader to achieve a mystical union with the cosmos. Leadership is inherited, and the current Master of the Four Winds, also known as Timothy Lee, summoned his servants for the first time in eight years. Lee sent them to New York to kill a man named Richard Malone for framing him for the murder of a prostitute and his willingness to give false testimony in a court of law.

Upon their arrival the Four Winds made short work of Malone's police protection, and Elektra was hired to act as Malone's personal bodyguard. The North Wind nearly met with success if not for the timely intervention of Elektra, but he wounded her, allowing the other three Winds to track her movements. The West, South and East Winds fared no better against the former Hand assassin, ultimately ending with half of their number to be killed.

Moments after Elektra left West and East Wind unconscious but alive, Shang-Chi arrived and told East Wind he was surprised they were beaten so easily. East Wind admitted Elektra was a worthy opponent protected by the Hand and then promised more Winds would rise from different points on the globe to take the place of their fallen brothers, and the Four Winds would be whole once more.

Base of Operations
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