Saberclaw (Earth-982)

Hudson (full name unrevealed)Saberclaw



The mutant son of Wolverine in the alternate timeline Earth-982, Hudson strayed from his father's heroic legacy and turned to a life of crime. Jealous of his half-sister Rina, Hudson once savagely attacked her and left her to die on a mountain. Later joining forces with the mutant illusionist Enthralla, Hudson soon encountered Rina alongside her allies the mistress of magnetism Magneta (MC2) and the Juggernaut's son J2 and was defeated. Hudson later joined the Red Queen's Revengers (MC2) in a failed ambush of the Avengers. Incarcerated, Hudson was freed from prison by Enthralla and joined her in confronting Wild Thing and Spider-Girl. Defeated and imprisoned once more, Hudson was again freed, this time by Funny Face to join his Savage Six in exacting revenge on Spider-Girl. Alongside his teammate Mr. Nobody, Hudson helped liberate Raptor as the group's final member, then kidnapped Spider-Girl's friends Courtney Duran and Jack Jameson. The Savage Six attacked Spider-Girl one at a time, with Hudson the third to face her, but all were defeated. Hudson rejoined the Revengers and once again targeted the Avengers, but after the world devourer Galactus sought to destroy the Earth, Hudson switched sides and aided the heroes in opposing him. He later petitioned for membership in the Avengers and, despite initial suspicions, was accepted as a member to help against the threat of Sylene, daughter of the Norse trickster god Loki.Loki




198 lbs.





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