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It all started when a teacher was gunned down in a busy schoolyard while Eric Masterson was dropping off his son, Kevin, for class. In the panic that followed, Masterson was able to slip away from the frightened crowd and make his astonishing transformation to the hero known as Thunderstrike, but the shooter got away leaving a message behind that read: “SANGRE MEANS BLOOD!” Code: Blue was assigned to find and capture the perpetrator because the suspected person behind the shootings was initially the Punisher, but the message clearly stated that they were looking for someone else. Thunderstrike, having a personal interest in this case, wanted to know what the authorities already had on file, but what they found was as surprising at it was disturbing. The teacher that was shot was part of a criminal organization that distributed perverted photos and videos of children, some of which attended Kevin Masterson's school. Code: Blue also told Thuderstrike that some of the members of the criminal group had been dying off due to shootings that were still unsolved.

Sangré sat alone in her apartment crying over a picture of a child and a list of crossed-out names, including that of the teacher she recently murdered, indicating that she was the one responsible for the previous deaths of the organization’s members. Soon, at police headquarters, a list was uncovered that had more names of people who were also responsible, but the head of this crime syndicate was that of the School District Supervisor, and therfore, the next target of Sangré. Thunderstrike and Code: Blue arrived at the school where the District Supervisor was holding a press conference and managed to save his life only to cart him off to jail, but the stealthy Sangré changed into her civilian identity and slipped past Thunderstrike and the cops. However, she didn’t evade the watchful eye of the Punisher who was also at the scene. He let her go without incident, but insinuated that he would keep an eye on her.

Some time passed by, but soon there was another incident at Kevin's school. One of the students was in possession of an illegal gun and it went off accidentally, after it fell out of the student’s locker, and nearly shot Kevin. When Thunderstrike, in his civilian identity, arrived at Kevin’s home police officers, including Julia Concepcion, were already investigating the incident. Officer Concepcion offered the information that she knew what it was like to lose a child and that nothing would stand in her way of protecting the children. Later, Officer Stone of Code: Blue informed a concerned Thunderstrike that there had been an epidemic of illegal firearms being sold to school children, and that is when the part-time Avenger decided to get involved. There were other super powered individuals that were also working behind the scenes to stop the madman selling guns to children such as the new heroine Wildstreak and even Thunderstrike’s enemy Bloodaxe. However, while Wildstreak and Thunderstrike were contending with armed bodyguards, the real perpetrator was shot dead by Sangré as he was trying to flee the scene.

Julia Concepcion was never apprehended and it can be assumed she is still working as a member of the NYPD today.









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