Saracen (Muzzafar Lambert)

Muzzafar LambertSaracen

The ruthless mercenary known as Saracen works for the Bessucho crime family and often goes toe to toe with one of the most brutal vigilantes of them all, the Punisher.



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The place is full of "kind of just street level wannabe villains who, even in this world, were kind of being pulled from the depths of obscurity."

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Armed with swords, the international mercenary for hire and ruthless killer Saracen has but one job: Kill Frank Castle, AKA the Punisher.


Dangerous Operative

Having named himself after Muslim warriors during the Crusades, the Saracen is one of the Free Armenian Army’s most dangerous operatives. When “Iris Green,” an agent of the Japanese ultra-nationalist Sunrise Society, assassinated one of the FAA’s leaders, they tap

Saracen to find and kill her. Believing she had recently been at Chester “Chet” Scully’s bogus ninja training camp in Texas, Saracen signs up to Scully’s course hoping to find a fresh lead; but instead, he encountered the Punisher, who was also undercover hunting Green. When the Punisher sets Scully’s headquarters ablaze, Scully and his henchmen began slaughtering their unarmed students in search of the culprit. Discovering their shared objective, Punisher and Saracen agreed to an alliance, but armed only with a sharpened stick against foes with guns, the Saracen was severely wounded. While Punisher’s other ally, the ninja Katherine Yakamoto blows up Scully, the Punisher gets Saracen to a hospital.


Saracen Swords

Saracen is an expert in armed and unarmed combat and experienced in security and espionage tactics. He’s also an expert in the use of Saracen swords, which he often carries, and other knives and edged weapons. He is equally comfortable operating a variety of machine guns and large caliber military ordnance.


From Allies to Enemies

When Saracen meets the Punisher, their aims align, and they work together. Though their allyship is short lived and the Punisher becomes Saracen’s number one target. Saracen stops at nothing to defeat his former ally, which is his ultimate undoing.


A Mercenary’s Criminal Record

After recovering, the Saracen became a mercenary, going to work for American Senator Stan Ori, a member of the Bessucho crime family. The Punisher slew Ori’s nephew and went into hiding in Sicily, where, by strange twist of fate, he killed several Bessucho men who were roughing up the elderly Esmeralda Giovanni. Saracen was sent to Sicily by Senator Ori to help the Bessucho’s kill whoever was responsible for the attack, unaware it was the Punisher, whom Ori wanted dead anyway.

With no regard for their past alliance, Saracen methodically hunted down the Punisher, Esmerelda, and Rocco Castiglione, the Punisher’s last surviving relative and the last of the Castiglione crime family, the Bessucho’s long-standing enemies. Saracen mortally stabbed Rocco in the abdomen, seized a weapons cache Rocco had intended to sell to the Bessucho’s rivals, and used the dying man as bait to flush out the Punisher. Saracen then blew up the seaside cliff underneath both Punisher and Esmeralda using a cannon on a Bessucho weapon ship anchored nearby; Esmeralda died, but Punisher escaped, and in revenge, he publicly assassinated Senator Ori while disguised as Saracen, framing the mercenary for the hit and leaving him wanted by international authorities.

With Middle Eastern nations Zukistan and Trafia at war with one another, Saracen was hired by Zukistan and their Israeli allies to go undercover into Trafia as security specialist Colonel Hawk. When the Punisher arrived in Trafia seeking to prevent weapons designer Morris Brattle’s assassination, he was captured by Trafian authorities and interrogated by Saracen. Ultimately escaping, the Punisher confronted Saracen, seeking revenge for Rocco and Esmeralda’s murders, but was confronted by Israeli agent Wild Rose, who revealed Saracen’s true employers. Despite Saracen’s alliances, a hand-to-hand skirmish ensued with the Punisher. Just as Saracen was gaining the upper hand, they were interrupted by a tank smashing through the wall into the compound, driven by the Punisher’s associate, David Lieberman, AKA Microchip. The Punisher used the distraction to beat Saracen and leave him unconscious.

Saracen later took work as a security expert for the mad warlord General Urt, who schemed to ransom oil from the Alaskan pipeline, but when Saracen learned that the Punisher was working for the eco-activists “Humans Off Planet” and leading an attack on Urt’s fortress, Saracen fled, leaving Urt to die. Punisher tracked Saracen to an international convention of assassins and terrorists, which he infiltrated by once again posing as the mercenary. When the two foes came face to face, bullets began to fly and the other criminals fled, leaving the Punisher and Saracen to face each other in a final vicious swordfight, which ended when the Punisher stabbed Saracen directly through the heart, apparently killing him instantly.




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