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Published September 29, 2022

‘She-Hulk’ Episode 7: Jennifer Walters vs. Emil Blonsky, Wrecker, Man-Bull, El Aguila, Saracen, Porcupine, and Josh

Welcome to Summer Twilights.


Jennifer Walters is absolutely over the moon for this new guy in her life, Josh. And it cannot be stressed enough that he likes Jen for Jen, he doesn’t like her because of She-Hulk! This is what she’s been looking for this whole time and couldn’t be happier.

Jen bustles around her apartment getting ready for their date (including taking one shot for courage), and when Josh comes to pick her up, he’s a dream. Their date is full of lots of talking and laughter, but no goodnight kiss…at least not yet.

At work, she’s texting him under the table about fries and milkshakes, and when they meet up later the duo have the most marvelous time together…but still no goodnight kiss. Immediately after shutting the door behind her, Jen realizes this is a mistake a little too late and by the time she opens her front door again Josh is already gone.

It isn’t until the third date (at a drive-in!) that she finally lets him inside — and duh, they kiss. They do more than kiss.

FRIDAY morning Jen wakes up to find that Josh has already left in the morning. She texts him about how much fun she had the night before. She can’t stop smiling! When he doesn’t respond right away, she starts to text him again before stopping herself. Play it cool, Jennifer.

At work, Nikki is thrilled to learn that Jen has been nominated for Female Lawyer of the Year! But Nikki quickly realizes that Jen is not paying attention to her. Is she looking up Intelligencia? Jen explains that she’s waiting for Josh to text her back, and Nikki reminds her not to do anything stupid for the first 12 hours after a new hookup.

But then SATURDAY rolls around and still no text from Josh. Jen stares into the blank abyss in front of her, waiting for something, anything to happen. She keeps her phone glued to her at every second (even while watching The Great Muppet Caper, good choice), and when her phone does buzz, she’s dismayed to see it’s not Josh. What the heck?

Come SUNDAY, she’s awoken by a phone call, but it’s not Josh. It’s Emil’s parole officer. They’ve got an alert on his inhibitor and they need to go check on him. But since his parole officer, Chuck, doesn’t have backup, he’s wondering if Jen might go with him in case the Abomination comes out to play…?

Not exactly what Jen wanted to do on Sunday, but ok. It’s not like she had anything else planned (this is a direct dig at you, Josh). Driving up to Emil’s retreat, “Summer Twilights,” Jen constantly checks her phone for updates but there’s nothing. Nadda. Zip.

Arriving at Summer Twilights, Chuck suggests that Jen put on her “green suit” just in case. So inside Chuck and She-Hulk talk to Emil. He explains that he got too close to an electric fence trying to save his favorite chicken, and that’s probably what happened. Chuck recalibrates the inhibitor, and that was easy peasy! Time to go home.

Chuck peels it out of the Summer Twilights driveway, while Jen stays behind to walk out with Emil. Not wanting to waste any more time there, she says her goodbyes to him and heads to her car when suddenly, out of nowhere, a bull and a matador come charging at her car. Ok, it’s actually El Aguila and Man-Bull (he’s a weird science experiment, don’t ask). The two introduce themselves to Jen, but she’d much rather they apologize to her car, with money, which is now destroyed.

Emil explains that these two men are just working through some deep seeded identity issues and what they’re doing is perfectly fine and healthy. Jen is more focused on her totaled car. Emil can’t help but wonder if life has presented an opportunity to Jen here, and maybe she shouldn’t be in such a hurry to get back home. The mechanic won’t be able to get there until later this afternoon, which now means Jen has time to kill at Summer Twilights.

Oh, also there’s no cell reception. Or wi-fi. This is absolutely Jen’s nightmare.

Emil walks Jen to their ceremonial sweat lodge, but Jen is not sweating it out in a yurt today. She is determined to find reception bars. Wandering around the grounds, she tries her hardest to find any sign of service when she stumbles around a building on the edge of the property — one bar!

Heading inside, Jen quickly discovered that she’s disrupting one of Emil’s talking circles. Man-Bull and El Aguila are there, along with Porcupine (he’s a porcupine), and Saracen (a vampire). The men keep talking about their feelings and vulnerability, and Jen can’t help but watch from the sidelines. That’s when the door opens and it’s that guy?

Do you remember that guy? It’s okay if you don’t, Jen’s got us covered with a PREVIOUSLY ON, as we flashback to Episode 2. He’s part of the Wrecking Crew that attacked her in the alley behind her house. And now you’re up to speed!

Jen wastes no time charging at him and tossing him, Wrecker, across the room. Emil will have none of this, though, and insists that Jen needs to sit in the calming chair immediately. Or, she could join their circle and talk through some of her issues (ahem, anger) with the rest of the group.

Surprisingly, Jen chooses the latter and joins the circle — but she doesn’t want to share. Everyone is up in arms at this, pointing out that something is clearly going on with her because she’s throwing people across the room and glued to her phone. Emil asks again, is there anything she wants to get off her chest?

That’s when Jen caves. She met a guy and they went out and now she hasn’t heard from him. When Porcupine asks what’s the last text she sent him — “that was fun, I can’t stop smiling” —, the whole group cringes. Yikes. But actually…that’s not the last text Jen sent him. When she finally got reception at Summer Twilights she texted him, “Hey, getting a little worried. Just want to know you’re okay.” And added a blushing smiling face. JENNIFER.

Wrecker brings some reason to the conversation, mentioning that Jen’s going to have to accept the real fact that she was ghosted. Or as Saracen points out, maybe he just wanted her blood! Saracen, not now!

That’s when Jen starts getting honest with the group, and herself. She likens She-Hulk to being the cool girl in school who gets all the attention, and how life would be so much easier being that person. But that doesn’t make life easier. Would everyone like Jen if She-Hulk wasn’t even around? Jen is great, and when She-Hulk is around, no one cares about Jen. But Josh liked Jen for Jen, and now everything sucks.

Porcupine has heard enough. Where does Josh live because they’re gonna kill him! It’s Wrecker who talks the group out of finding Josh (and drinking his blood, Saracen’s suggestion) as everyone opens up about the rejection they’ve faced in their own lives. And maybe Josh's rejection hurts so much because Jen hasn’t been spending enough time with Jen; She-Hulk has consumed her life in more ways than one.  

“Maybe there’s a group of guys who would love to spend time with Jen right now” Man-Bull adds, and that’s Jen’s cue to change back into her real self. Everyone applauds! And it even inspires Porcupine to take off his mask! See, everyone is feeling good today.

It’s then suggested that to really close this loop, Jen needs to delete Josh’s number. With some hesitancy she does and you know how she’s feeling? She’s hurting for a yurtign!

So off to the sweat lodge she goes, emerging later feeling refreshed.

Sadly, Jen’s time at Summer Twilight has come to a close as the mechanic has finally arrived to tow her car. The gang has made her a goodbye card (and Emil wants to point out it’s not literally a gang, it’s just the group of them referring to themselves as “the gang,” please make that clear) and Emil walks her out and reminds her that she’s welcome here anytime. Eh, Jen isn’t too sure about that — call her after they’ve installed Wi-Fi.

On the drive back to LA, Jen is calm and relaxed. Maybe she needed this little retreat more than she realized. 

However, THREE DAYS EARLIER (That’d be THURSDAY), we flash back to Jen and Josh’s date. While Jen’s asleep, Josh gets dressed while copying the contents of Jen’s phone onto his. Before he leaves, he walks to Jen’s side of the bed and snaps a picture of her, sending it to HulkKing. So it’s true, Josh does suck.

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