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Caught in Spidey's Web: Who is Kraven the Hunter?

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The beautiful Sasha Nikolaevich fell in love with Sergei Kravinoff, also known as "Kraven the Hunter." Sasha and Sergei married and eventually copulated to produce a daughter Ana. Sergi would become obsessed with killing the masked superhero Spider-Man, although, he would never fulfill his obsession, due to his eventually being killed. Sasha blamed Spider-Man for Sergei's death, so she trained and conspired with her daughter to get revenge on the hero. The young Ana would inherit her father's cunning as well as the name Kraven.

Sasha and Ana' attempt to kill Spider-Man in New York City failed, due to the interference of Daredevil and the savage Vermin. Disappointed an remorseful Ana returned to her mother with the badly beaten Vermin. Not willing to concede their plans of revenge, Sasha sought the aid of of Sergei's half-brother Dmitri Kravinoff, better known as the Chameleon. Sasha captured Cassandra Web a psychic and former ally of Spider-Man, as well as Mattie Franklin, the former Spider-Women.

Sasha also hired the motor-mouth mercenary Deadpool to distract Spider-Man, during her attack on Mattie.









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