Sentry (Val)


Sentry is a cybernetic warrior, a Royal Guard and one of Galador’s elite Spaceknights—a living weapon dedicated to protecting his homeworld.



A veteran of the Galadorian Spaceknight program, Val is the first of Galador’s winged Angel Elite able to wear the weaponized armor in the third generation. Equipped with a flaming sword and arrows, Val is Sentry, Royal Guard to the First Family.


Act of Valor

Willing to sacrifice his humanity to save Galador from the sorcerous Dire Wraiths, and possessing the rare genetic template needed to bond to the Spaceknight armor, Val becomes the cybernetic living weapon known as Sentry.


Cybernetic Armor

Grafted into nearly indestructible Plandanium Spaceknight armor, Val possesses superhuman strength, interstellar flight capabilities and enhanced durability, and can survive in a vacuum and enter a suspended animation “hyper-sleep.” Technological advances in this third generation armor enable Val to resume human form at will, storing his armor in subspace.

The cybernetic armor also possesses analyzers capable of penetrating the shape-shifting Wraiths’ disguises. Additionally, his armor comes equipped with specialized weapons, most of which can banish Wraiths to a timeless limbo dimension (apparently accessible to, though not normally part of, Immortus’ Limbo), imprisoning them forever where they could do no harm to others rather than killing them. Val’s organic remains are cryogenically stored in the Hall of Science, so Val may one day reclaim his humanity.

Val is extensively trained in Galadorian military tactics and technologies.


Dire Foes

The Dire Wraiths and their Wraithknights are the Sentry’s most potent and pervasive enemies. Built in the same fashion as the Spaceknight program, the Wraithknights prove to be a deadly foe, taking out many of Sentry’s allies. Sentry also goes up against the Negative Zone tyrant Annihilus and survives an assault by Galan, AKA Galactus.



Sentry protects Galador’s First Family, including Prime Director Rom, AKA Director Artour, his Terran wife, Brandy Clark, and their sons Balin, AKA Terminator, and Tristan, AKA Liberator.

While serving under Commander-in-Chief Janoth Kel of Galador’s High Command, Val works alongside several other notable Spaceknights including Rhanla, AKA Scanner, Tristan’s lover, possessing enhanced senses and telepathic powers; lovers Rand, AKA Lightningbolt, and Anarra, AKA Starshine, armed respectively with electrical blasts and eye lasers; Bron, AKA Hammerhand, an exceptionally strong giant of a man; Darin, AKA Javelin, who wields a deadly spear; Lan, AKA Pulsar, able to generate force fields; Tarn, AKA Firefall, who generates plasma-fire through his connection to Galador’s Living Flame, and linked him to his similarly named predecessors; and the teleporter Vanium.


Galador’s Defender

The Galadorians eternal enemies, the Dire Wraiths, eventually developed “Wraithknight” technology—their own cybernetic armor similar to the Spaceknights. The Wraiths used these Wraithknights and agent provocateurs hidden within local populations to fool several worlds—Trion, Pah Ree, Kelozyn, and two other systems near Galador—into believing they had been attacked by Spaceknights. It allowed them to form an anti-Galadorian alliance. Unrest seemingly erupted on Trion, the Director Artour led a diplomatic mission hoping for peace, but his vessel was ambushed en route by the Wraithknights. Sentry, still unaware of their attackers’ identities, appeared to be the only survivor of what was a brutal massacre. Artour’s son Balin was appointed the new Grand Director and declared war after learning of the alliance. Invading Trion, the Spaceknights subdued local resistance but were attacked by a Dire Wraith Deathwing and Wraithknights. With several Spaceknights slain, including Lightningbolt, Sentry ordered a retreat to warn Galador.

Meanwhile, back on the homeworld, the Wraith-controlled Lord Gaspar seemingly destroyed the semi-sentient Neutralizer, Axadar, with a gravitational imploder; in truth Axadar escaped into subspace to avoid destruction. Locating the Wraith mothership, the Spaceknights attacked. Archie Stryker, the new Firefall, battled the Deathwing, while Sentry decapitated the leading Wraithknight. Axadar materialized and helped slay the Deathwing, banishing the Wraighknights with the Wraith leader fleeing. With peace restored between Galador and her neighbors, former Director Artour’s second son Tristan appointed his human mother Brandy Clark the new Prime Director. DNA on Sentry’s sword suggested that at least some of the Wraithknights were captive Galadorians, and with the enemy leader still free to regroup his forces, Galador prepared for a new war.

When Negative Zone tyrant Annihilus led a massive attack, his Annihilation Wave, against much of the positive universe, the Spaceknights allied with the United Front, a cross-species alliance against Annihilus’ forces led by Rom’s old ally Richard Rider, AKA Nova. Sentry, Liberator, Daystar, Starshine, and other Spaceknights assisted Blastaar with sabotage missions behind enemy lines, targeting the Wave’s supply ships. Sentry and the other Spaceknights survived a liberated Galactus, who devastated the Wave’s main fleet above the Kree homeworld Hala, as well as being infected with a transmode virus by the techno-organic Phalanx.











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