Like a bad penny, New York?s most shocking crook-for-hire, the Shocker, always seems to turn up. With an ear out for any and every criminal scheme that might turn a profit, the Shocker has been a constant thorn in the side of Spider-Man and other Big Apple-based Super Heroes for a long, long time. Greed drives this engineer-turned-outlaw, and with the help of his vibro-shock gloves, he is the bane of banks and armor cars throughout the five boroughs.


Born Herman Schultz, the man who would become the Shocker dropped out of high school, intent on using his self-taught brilliance in the field of engineering for a fast payday. Schultz immediately fell into a life of crime, opting to pursue robbery, burglary, and safe-cracking as get-rich-quick endeavors.

Eventually, during his third stint in prison, Schultz would use tools and parts found during his assigned work in the prison machine shop to covertly manufacture a weapon that could emit intense vibrational waves. Using his new toy to tear down a prison wall, Schultz escaped and?after wearing a padded costume and mask designed to protect himself from the vibrations he created?anointed himself the Shocker.

Modifying his weapon into a pair of gloves, Schultz would set his sights on stealing lots of cash and destroying safes and vaults with the click of his gauntlets. It was during this initial spree that he would encounter Spider-Man for the first time, notably defeating the Web-slinger in their introductory fight.


Shocker is a gifted engineer and inventor?innovative when it comes to any tech that can help him achieve his goal of running off with massive amounts of loot. His trademark vibro-gloves, which can be activated with thumb switches on each hand when he makes a fist, emit a series of high-pressure air blasts that deliver a powerful vibrating concussive force. With them, he can unleash vibrational punches that can crumble structures, break into safes, stop vehicles, fell foes, and generally cause chaos and destruction all around him.

Shocker fighting Spider-Man

Shocker?s suit is specially padded and protected so that Schultz himself isn?t harmed by the potentially lethal power of the vibro-units. The suit can also shake off Spider-Man?s webbing. Over the years, Shocker switches up his gadgetry a few times, sometimes putting the vibro-power in the suit itself, sometimes in his boots, even once in the back of his costume so that a vibration blast could stop sneak attacks.


Given his criminal pursuits, Shocker has gathered quite a few foes in the Super Hero community.

First and foremost, the Shocker has been a perpetual pain for New York?s hometown hero Spider-Man. The Wallcrawler is the first Super Hero Shocker encounters after donning his costume for the first time and the one he has crossed paths with the most over the years.

Shocker comes close to defeating Spider-Man on several occasions. Though, he often finds himself undone by serendipitous circumstances, leading him to lose confidence in himself and saddling him with low self-esteem for long stretches of time. Despite their deadly dance though, Shocker has also let Spider-Man go a few times, thinking their rivalry to be a noble one and that neither side should die without dignity.

Shocker also runs afoul of many of New York?s other notable crime fighters, including the Fantastic Four, the Punisher, and lethal vigilante the Scourge, who almost ends him.


Shocker has made many allies and criminal cohorts during his years of deviant behavior, but no one he can truly count on as a friend and confidant.

One of the first Super Villain groups Shocker joins is Egghead?s Masters of Evil, alongside Radioactive Man, Moonstone, Tiger Shark, and Beetle. Later, he finds himself within the ranks of Hobgoblin?s Sinister Seven and Norman Osborn?s Sinister Twelve. On various occasions, Shocker also teams with Trapster, Rhino, Hydro-Man, Speed Demon, and Boomerang.

Shocker with team of villains running from police carrying bags of stolen money

?No honor among thieves? is the philosophy that always haunts Shocker, however, as he often finds himself warring with his own teammates in an attempt to either double-cross or thwart someone else?s double-cross. Shocker, in the midst of evil plots, brawls with Tiger Shark, turns on Trapster, rebels against Dr. Octopus, tries to blackmail Simon Steele, inadvertently frames Electro, and feuds with both Rhino and Hydro-Man. His duplicitous nature, along with his easily shaken confidence, makes Shocker a very temperamental partner in crime.




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One of Shocker?s most ambitious solo outings came early on when he swiped the ancient Lemurian Tablet of Life and Time, which contained an inscription that could restore youth, from Captain George Stacy?s house.

Shocker?s first city-wide scheme involved spelling his name out in building lights and then threatening to black out the entire city if he wasn?t paid a million bucks. Spider-Man swung to the rescue, tracking Shocker down to a power station and webbing his thumbs to his own gauntlets so that Shocker vitro-blasted himself over the room until he was knocked out.

Shocker ricocheting around the room, Spider-Man stands surprised at himself

Shocker, finding strength in numbers with an imposter ?Defenders? team, attacked Wall Street and forced a stock broker to make some trades that would earn him a million dollars. It was the biggest payout Shocker ever received. Unfortunately, he couldn?t enjoy the windfall because Valkyrie punted him out to sea.

In one of his more vulnerable emotional states, Shocker escaped prison hoping to attend his funeral of his brother Martin, who?d committed suicide. Spider-Man convinced Shocker to willingly return to prison, with hopes of reforming, so as to not wind up like his sibling.

As part of the Masters of Evil, Shocker was part of a plot to discredit and incriminate an on-trial Dr. Henry Pym. This nefarious plan would push Shocker into the big leagues and into a battle with mighty super group, the Avengers.

Shocker is caught and unmasked by the Avengers and reveals Dr. Pym's plans

Shocker took his first notable assassination gig when Nazi war criminal Baron Von Lundt hired him to kill Dominic Fortune. It was during this job that Shocker embedded his vibe-shock weapon into his entire suit.

After surviving a hit attempt by Scourge, who was seeking to wipe out villainy everywhere, Shocker developed severe anxiety. Paranoid that Scourge was around every corner, waiting to kill him, Shocker actually fought back hard against Spider-Man during an encounter because he thought his agile adversary was taking him too lightly. A Scourge imposter wound up saving Spidey, though Shocker left the altercation with a newfound confidence and a desire to hunt down Scourge himself.

During the Infinity War, Shocker was part of Dr. Octopus? plan to invade the Avengers? Mansion, hoping to catch the super team in a moment of distraction. When the Guardians of the Galaxy arrived to fend them off however, Shocker?s group and the Guardians were forced to team up and battle alien doppelg„ngers. After the dust settled, Shocker and his cohorts refused to continue the raid and turned on Doc Ock.

In an attempt to conquer his anxieties, Shocker used experimental treatments to acquire actual super human vibration powers. But these out-of-control abilities nearly destroyed him, and both Spider-Man and Night Thrasher had to help him use a vibrational harness to cure himself.

Having designed new, high-tech armor, Shocker encountered Spider-Man, who was dizzy from an assault by Morbius. Shocker allowed the helpless and incapacitated Wallcrawler to live, but promised to kill him in their next encounter.

Hired by the Friends of Humanity, Shocker attempted to assassinate Paul Stacy. With both Stacy and Spider-Man dead to rights, Shocker?s assignment was called off and once again Spider-Man was saved by fate?s good fortune.

Shocker would go on to take numerous theft and hit jobs?from employers like Norman Osborn, Justin Hammer, and the Golem?such as protecting a diamond delivery, eliminating his old ally Trapster, and killing a subway car full of jurors. In the latter assignment, Shocker?s vibrations caused a tunnel collapse, forcing him to cooperate with Spider-Man in order to escape the rubble.

During this time, Shocker also miraculously escaped the Punisher?s attempt to kill all the evil-doers in the Bar With No Name after they?d gathered there for Stilt-Man?s wake.

Shocker found himself with six arms after being infected with the spider-virus. While in the midst of a bank robbery, and fighting Spider-Man, Shocker transformed into a giant spider, along with the other infected members of NYC. After being cured, Shocker joined up with Black Cat?quickly turning on her, however, after she kidnapped his good friend Diamondhead.

Shocker grows six arms while fighting Spider-Man and realizes that he's been infected with the spider-virus
fighting skills