As the Goddess of Hunt and Harvest, Sif serves as a shield maiden for Asgard. She defends her realm from such villains as Mangog, Loki, and Surtur, and has even saved Thor from Hela, the Goddess of Death herself. Often she leads rescue missions, and fights alongside Thor, Balder, and the Warriors Three.

Her loyalty to protect Asgard extends to the All-Father Odin's favored son, Thor—"Who strikes at Thor must strike at Sif!" And while she and Thor often share romantic sentiments towards one another, Sif occasionally suffers the ache of love unrequited. Though her commitment never falters as an unending ally showcased through her uncanny strength, skill with a sword, and sacrificial nature for love of Thor and her homeland.

Shield Maiden of Asgard

While her parentage is unknown, Sif is sister to the ever faithful Heimdall. Before becoming a shield maiden, she attended the Asgardian warrior's school as the only girl in her class.

In an act of childish jealousy, Loki cut Sif’s golden hair while she slept. The God of Mischief, fearing retribution, bargained with the dwarves Eitri and Brokk to fashion Sif new locks. However, because Loki reneged on their payment, the dwarves caused the hair to turn black when placed on her head.

Sif met Thor when they were both young after he rescued her from a pack of wolves. Afterward they were inseparable, growing up together, and having intermittent love affairs as they grew older. Sif was captured by the storm giants' King Rugga who traded her to Hela for immortality, but when Thor offered himself in his ally’s stead, the Death Queen was moved by his sacrifice and freed them both.

Sif and Thor spent years apart as she furthered her training. It was not until Thor battled The Unknown that the warrior woman came to his aid and helped him vanquish the beast.

Thor rescuing Sif From Hela

Skilled Swordswoman

Like all Asgardians, Sif is extremely long-lived and immune to conventional disease. She has superhuman strength, able to lift 30 tons, and durability. Sif uses her enchanted sword to bypass space and move between dimensions. She sometimes rides a winged horse into battle.

While briefly serving as regent of Asgard, Sif possessed a small portion of the Odinpower. She formerly used the Norn Stones to trace an aura across space, levitate, teleport, become invisible, and create flashes of light. Sif is a skilled warrior, highly trained in combat and proficient with a sword and bow and arrow.

Cosmic Concerns

Anyone, demon, god or otherwise that seeks to harm or usurp the Asgardians and their leader, Odin the All-Father, is opposed to Sif's solemn duty as shield maiden. Such opponents include other immortals such as Loki, the God of Mischief, as well as various death gods and goddesses, and Surtur the fire demon.

Loki is directly responsible for Sif's golden hair being changed to a raven hue. His jealousy of adopted brother Thor causes constant turmoil landing Sif in a position of either saving or defending her love, and the rest of Asgard from his machinations. Such schemes include when Loki occupied Sif's body and cast her into that of a dying elderly mortal to survive Ragnarok; he also nearly forced mighty maiden to marry him in his attempts to rule Asgard and usurp Odin.

Loki isn't the last unwanted suitor that Sif has faced. The childlike Him, later Adam Warlock, and the vampire Dracula desired her as a mate and opted to either abduct her or turn her into a vampire, respectively.

As a warrior, Sif engages in many battles to protect Asgard and encounters such adversaries as Pluto, the Olympian death god, the Egyptian death god Seth, the Goddess of Death Hela, ruler of hell Mephisto, and all their respective minions.

Sif holds a candle for Thor and sometimes faces those who would use love spells to entrap him, like Amora the Enchantress and the goddess Lorelei.

Sif talks with a Troll

Asgardian Allies

Thor Odinson is a long-time on and off again love of Sif. The pair grew up together and fight on the same side in the clash of battle. Thor has come to her aid saving her from many enemies and she has returned the favor, rescuing him from death itself.

Balder the Brave also fights alongside Sif and they work together to fend off foes from Asgard.

Fandral the Dashing, Hogun the Grim and Volstagg the Enormous are known as the Warriors Three. As bold champions of Asgard and close friends to the Mighty Thor, they fight with Sif and come to her aid when needed.

Karnilla, the Norn Queen, who once assaulted Asgard, is more of an ally than enemy to Sif. She allowed the dashing damsel to use her Norn Stones to find her lost love Thor when Loki posed as Odin and banished him from reality.

The alien Beta Ray Bill, whose strength and nobility proves equal to Thor’s, gained his own mystic hammer, Stormbreaker, from Odin, and shared a brief romance with Sif.




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The Lady Sif

In her youth, Sif met Thor Odinson when he rescued her from a pack of wolves, and the two quickly became inseparable. She entered the Asgardian warriors’ school as the only girl in her class and began training as a shield maiden.

Odin sent a young Sif, Thor, and Balder to gather four mystical objects for the creation of a sword. They braved the dragon Hakurei of Nastrond, the frozen wastes of Jotunheim, and the sands of Jennia before Loki informed them that Karnilla, the Norn Queen, planned to assault Asgard. They returned to help defend the city, and Thor was mortally wounded in battle, saved only when Sif’s tears mixed with sand from the enchanted Lake of Lilitha to heal him. After Karnilla’s defeat, Odin honored the young warriors for their bravery.

In an act of jealousy, Thor's adoptive brother Loki cut Sif’s golden hair while she slept, but replaced it fearing retribution with new locks made by dwarves Eitri and Brokk. But Loki reneged on their payment so the dwarves caused the hair to turn black when placed on her head.

Sif's hair turning Black

When Brunnhilde entered the warrior school, Sif saw her as competition for Thor’s affection, and was tricked by Loki into stealing the Mirror of Mycha, which could cast potent love spells. She lost the mirror to Amora the Enchantress, who used it herself to gain Thor’s love. Sif and Brunnhilde worked together to break the spell, and Sif and Thor acknowledged their budding romance.

Sif was later captured by storm giants, whose king traded her to the death goddess Hela in exchange for immortality. Thor rescued Sif by offering himself to Hela in her place, which moved the grim goddess to release them both.

Sif and Thor parted for many years; she left Asgard to further her training as a shield maiden, and Odin eventually cast his son into the mortal form of Donald Blake. Sif reentered Thor’s life shortly after his relationship with the human Jane Foster had been forcefully ended by Odin, who had erased the Earth woman's memories. Sif aided the grieving Thor against the Unknown after which they promptly resumed their romance.

When the Wrecker, Dirk Garthwaite, was poised to defeat Thor, Sif sought Karnilla’s aid in desperation, and was given the Destroyer armor. However, after using the weapon to defeat the Wrecker, it overwhelmed her will and clashed with Thor, who was unaware of Sif's part in it. The conflict ended when Karnilla summoned Thor to defend her realm against Ulik, releasing Sif from the Destroyer as part of the bargain. Loki subsequently used an enchantment to steal Thor’s hammer, causing him to revert to Don Blake. Sif was gravely injured defending Blake from Loki, but the mortal doctor saved her life via emergency surgery and reclaimed his hammer. They then returned to Asgard, where Sif helped defend the city from Mangog.

When Pluto captured Sif, Thor came to her aid, and they found themselves in a fearsome battle that only ended when Zeus intervened. Sif then became an object of interest to the childlike Him, the future Adam Warlock. He desired Sif as a mate and abducted her to another world. Thor, fearing for Sif’s safety, entered a warrior’s madness and soundly defeated Him. Sif later joined the Asgardians against Surtur and led the Warriors Three to rescue Thor from Mephisto’s realm, where he had been imprisoned through Loki’s machinations.

When Hela claimed Thor’s life, Sif saved him again, dissuading Hela by offering herself in his place, much as he had done for her centuries earlier. Loki subsequently usurped Asgard’s throne, nearly forcing Sif to marry him before being dispatched by Odin.

Sif convincing Loki to spare Hogun

Soon after, when Mangog again threatened Asgard, Odin appointed the Valkyrie Hildegarde as Sif’s bodyguard, and sent the pair to the planet Blackworld, ostensibly to protect them. After meeting the Blackworld native Silas Grant and the Rigellian Tana Nile, Sif and Hildegarde learned that Ego- Prime, a portion of Ego, the Living Planet, was distorting time, causing centuries to pass in mere hours. Ego-Prime followed Sif and her friends to Earth, where they joined Thor, Balder, and the Warriors Three. Ego- Prime exhausted his power after a lengthy fight, apparently dying, and empowering three Young Gods in the process. After learning this had been Odin’s plan all along, the Asgardians condemned the All-Father for endangering their lives; Odin responded by exiling them all on Earth.

Odin later sent Sif to assist Thor and Hercules against the Dweller-in-Darkness, whose fear powers had led to several suicides in New York City including Jane Foster who lay near death. Thor’s feelings for Foster were rekindled, and out of love for the thunder god, Sif sought a remedy for her mortal rival’s condition. Alongside Hercules, Sif located Kamo Tharnn and defeated him taking his mystical Runestaff to transfer her own life force into Foster’s body. She restored Foster’s health seemingly at her own peril. Unbeknownst to all, her spirit persisted deep within Jane. Sometime later, when Mangog secretly replaced Odin on Asgard’s throne, Thor and Foster returned to Asgard to oppose him. When Jane Foster touched Sif’s sword, the warrior emerged, replacing her mortal host.

After contributing to Mangog’s eventual defeat, Sif joined Thor and the Warriors Three and searched for the real Odin. They found him held as a prisoner of the Soul Survivors, who were siphoning his power. Though briefly captured, the Asgardians overcame the Soul Survivors and restored Odin to the throne. Soon after, Balder fell before a mistletoe arrow, signaling the coming of Ragnarok.

Sif prepared to defend Asgard from its enemies, and rejected the advances of Roger “Red” Norvell, one of several mortals who had come to the Golden Realm to make a documentary. Norvell gained Thor’s powers and defeated him, stealing Mjolnir. Sif departed with Norvell to spare Thor further harm, and eventually convinced him to aid the Asgardians against the forces of Ragnarok. Norvell perished in battle, Ragnarok was narrowly avoided, and Odin revealed he had manipulated events all along to forestall the true twilight of the gods. Frustrated with his father’s deceit, Thor urged Sif to leave Asgard with him. However, she couldn't leave her home, and spent agonizing months separated from Thor, even reluctantly opposing him with the Destroyer when he returned to Asgard against Odin’s orders.

Sif gives in to Norvell to save the lives of others

Odin later drew the spirits of all Asgardians, including Sif, into the Destroyer to fight the Celestials and prevent their judgment of Earth. The Celestials destroyed the armor, but the Asgardians’ spirits were restored to their bodies through Thor’s efforts. Following their reunion, Thor again implored Sif to accompany him to Earth. The two were betrothed, and she agreed to join him later. Sif spurned the advances of Asgardian war god Tyr and eventually reunited with Thor when her latest rejected suitor and Loki forced the Asgardians to flee to Earth.

After Tyr’s defeat, Sif stayed on Earth with Thor. She briefly assumed vampiric qualities after being bitten by Dracula, who desired her as a mate, until her Asgardian physiology rejected the process. Sif was unsatisfied with mundane life on Earth, and constantly lonely as Thor spent his days as Blake. After accompanying Thor and Dr. Keith Kincaid to rescue Jane Foster, whose essence had dwelled within Kamo Tharnn ever since Sif’s reemergence, the shield maiden returned to Asgard while Thor stayed on Earth, ending their betrothal.

Sif, saddened by Thor's love of Earth, changed with the arrival of the alien Beta Ray Bill, whose strength and nobility had proven equal to the God of Thunder’s, leading Odin to grant the cosmic crusader his own mystic hammer, Stormbreaker. After defending Bill’s people from demons, Sif, with Thor’s blessing, left with her new love interest to protect his people as they searched for a new planet to call home.

Sif and Bill returned to aid the Asgardians and Earth's heroes in oppositionn to Surtur’s armies. Sif led Valhalla’s fallen champions against Surtur’s demons in New York City, and was injured in the battle until an elixir restored her. After Odin seemingly perished defeating Surtur, Sif devised a way for Thor and Bill’s hammers to return the stranded Asgardians home, and planned to leave her current beau and return to her first love. However, Thor was under the goddess Lorelei’s love spell and struck Sif. Conflicted, she resolved to leave Asgard permanently with Bill, but was dissuaded by Thor, who swore his love; Sif said her goodbyes to Bill.

Sif was later heartbroken when Odin, secretly possessed by Loki, ordered Thor banished from reality. She ritually cut her hair and embarked with Balder to find her lost love. Using Karnilla’s Norn Stones to find traces of Thor’s essence across the universe, Sif and Balder traced their quarry to his mortal replacement, Eric Masterson, on Earth. During their quest, Sif turned to Mephisto for his help. Masterson and Balder followed her to Mephisto’s realm and she fought them until realizing her own obsession. After sharing a kiss with Masterson in a heated moment, Sif learned from Mephisto that Loki had secretly usurped Odin’s throne. They returned to Asgard and restored Odin to his rightful place, and learned that Thor had been imprisoned within Eric Masterson’s mind. Sif was briefly torn between Thor and Masterson, but ultimately reunited with the God of Thunder following his return.

However, they were separated again when Thor succumbed to the warrior’s madness, becoming extremely violent. Sif and Beta Ray Bill tried to help him and fruitlessly sought the help of many others, but it wasn't until Thor was incapacitated by Thanos and brought before Odin that his madness was cured.

Thor was bitter toward his father for years of manipulation, and Odin angrily banished Thor from Asgard, replacing him with the resurrected Red Norvell. Sif resented Norvell’s usurping Thor’s place, but achieved a sense of camaraderie with him before disobeying Odin and joining the original Thor and his new allies, the High Evolutionary and the Godpack, on Earth.

Sif as a member of the godpack

During her time back on Earth, Sif fought alongside Thor and defended her adopted home from Kurse, who had taken over Hel in Hela’s absence and led an army of undead monsters against New York City. The conflict ended when Sif alerted Hela to Kurse’s activities, and she returned the monsters to her realm. Sif then returned to Asgard, saying goodbye to Thor once more.

To prevent Ragnarok, Odin cast the Asgardians into mortal bodies. Sif took the form of SWAT officer Ericka Velez. The Egyptian death god Seth sent his minions to kill the “Lost Gods,” and the Asgardians slowly regained their memories, joining with Ulik and the Enchantress to oppose him. They regained their true forms and rallied behind Odin to defeat Seth.

When Odin next entered the Odinsleep, he chose Sif as interim leader of Asgard. During her time in command, Malekith used the Casket of Ancient Winters to cover Asgard in ice. Sif personally dueled Malekith until Thor used the Gem of Infinite Suns to counteract the Casket, foiling the dark elf’s plans.

After Thor became Lord of Asgard following Odin’s death, he distanced himself from his old friends, choosing Amora over Sif as his mate. Thor transported Asgard to Earth and employed the Asgardians to right all the wrongs of mortal societies; Sif delivered medicine to the sick and overthrew tyrannical governments, despite her doubting the morality of their intervention.

Following Asgard’s withdrawal from Earth, the forces of Ragnarok attacked, severing Sif’s arm in their initial assault. Narrowly surviving, Sif joined the last stand against Surtur’s armies, apparently perishing in the destruction of Asgard; but the Asgardians were not truly dead, as their spirits persisted in mortal bodies.

Thor restored Asgard over Broxton, Oklahoma, and Loki occupied Sif’s body while the true warrior was cast into a dying elderly woman, Rose Chambers, where she remained even after Thor restored the Asgardians to their true forms. After Thor was exiled from Asgard, he learned of Sif’s situation and freed her from the elderly body. She joined him in exile, but returned to defend Asgard when Norman Osborn led the forces of HAMMER and his dark “Avengers” in a massive siege. With reinforcements from Thor’s Avengers allies, Osborn’s forces were defeated, but the Sentry, Robert Reynolds, destroyed the landmass of Asgard during the battle. Sif rejoined the Asgardians as they sought to rebuild their kingdom.

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