The marriage of Sigyn and Loki is a mystery waiting to be revealed. However, Sigyn has tried to revive the marriage even though they were separated for many years. While Loki was being punished by Odin, Sigyn stayed by her husband offering help whenever he needed it. Unfortunately for Sigyn, once Loki was freed he deserted her.

Sometime later Odin imprisoned Loki in a tree. The All Father's actions enraged Sigyn, who secretly followed him as he traveled to Earth, and transported the real body of Donald Blake deep in the caverns of Mount Wundagore. In an attempt to steal Blake and use his as leverage to have Loki released. However, she accidentally destroyed Blake in the process of trying to free him from the spell created by Odin. She quickly covered her tracks by creating a doppelganger of the mortal. She revealed her action to Thor, who along with Riger of the Godpack discovered what was thought to be Loki's wedding band in a cave of Mount Wundagore. Sigyn also told Thor that she used her magic to create a mystical armor to house Loki's spiritual remains, after his corporeal body was destroyed in the incident that led him to be a captive of the demon lord, Mephisto.

Because of the events of Ragnarok, Sigyn is believed to have suffered the same fate as the rest of the Asgardians.




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